Smurfing is cheating, change my mind

At that point, the reportable offense is gameplay sabotage, not cheating.

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So I have 5 pc accs(all at same rank) and I wouldn’t call it cheating. It’s more like gameplay sabotage.

Smurfing on purpose is like a pro football player going to a high school and playing on their football team. Sure technically not cheating, but completely unfair.


Oh you will now in some games, if you play way to good, you have actualy much higher chance that someone on enemy team will tilt and leave. Even if you have super good performance, you will gain very little sr for the games with leavers now.

Since when? Have I missed something? Can you link it for me?

They didnt say anything officialy but its pretty obvious.

Read whole topic btw.

So you couldnt.

I have documented it, and others noticed that too.

Below that post are other examples. I clearly hard carried one game and receivv only 16 sr. Other game we stomped enemy, i received only 6.

Simply being better than your opponent is not cheating.

Do you know how PBSR works? Doesent seem so. Because it doesent only judge one game, but unknown amount of past games as average. Some say its like 10-20, some tinfoils say they were bronze season 2 and now cant climb because of that. But I can tell you its not the latter. This is why you will climb no matter what if you actually deserve it, a bad game here and there has no significant impact. I dont know about the leaver thing, because people leave once like very 50 games so its kinda irrelevant. A unranked to GM would most likely be at GM at that point anyways. Back in the days when they didnt punish the bronze to GM streams it took way more games and they had to throw to bronze so now its way better, and even back then it really wasnt a big problem, the chance for you to be put in a game with a streamer is extremely low. Ive even tried to stream snipe and its hard enough, not to talk about when you play normally and dont try to get in the same.

Ah… Yes i know how PBSR works, my former main acc is diamond dps and diamond support. I had alt accounts in lower ranks before. I know exactly what is good performance and when i should gain more. There is obviously change vs old system where leavers didnt affect outome. They do now. It goes both ways btw. If you have leaver on your team, you will lose less too. As you can see in other games in that post i was gaining enhanced sr rewards because of my mmr/pbsr.

I think you need to look up the definition of cheating, because that’s exactly what you just described; someone who uses an unfair advantage, a fraud. Which is also what smurfs in Overwatch do so they can fill some sad void in their life by stomping a lower level player in a video game.

You’re misusing unfair here. By your definition, anyone who’s better than anybody by any margin has an “unfair advantage” just because of their skill. If that were the case, the #1 rated player in the game is “cheating” because he’s better than everyone else at the game. That just doesn’t make any sense.

Lets be real when they’re referring to unfair advantage we’re not talking simply “player A is better than player B” we’re talking, lets have a race, player A has a nissan 500, player B has a Mustang, in no world should these 2 be placed in to the same race because it simply isn’t competitive.

People who are in diamond/masters/GM/T500 having bronze level accounts is nothing more than them wanting to try and flex on lower ranks, and honestly I think it should be considered a level of cheating, that one player is ruining hundreds of games to maintain a low rank

This forum always seems to care about skill, where is the skill in trying to fight a lion with a toothpick, a pathetic lion granted, but a lion none the less.

Its not a case of being better, ofcourse they are better they have manipulated the system to play against lesser skilled opponents

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Some people like to have multiple accounts in their SR so when they tilt on one or want to just have multiple high SR account “clout” they can. What you don’t understand is that we are FORCED to play in low SR to get to our normal SR. If we could just be like “Hey Blizzard, I’m a insert rank here smurf can you please adjust the SR of my new account to my SR I would appreciate it” then many of us probably would. Playing games in lower SR is definitely kind of fun, but losing games in lower SR is annoying and a waste of time. Not EVERYONE that smurfs is just doing it to trash new players, but sorry there’s nothing we can do.

Smurfing is not a cheating, change my mind

Lets be real smurfing is not cheating.

In order to do that you need to throw games, and thats bannable offence. Nothing still to do with cheating. Or if they get access to a bronze account that they didnt throw to bronze then its boosting. Still not cheating. Lets be real, its not cheating no matter how you put it.

This community sucks wet snakes, wth “smurfing is not cheating”??? u lost your second brain cell of the 2 you already had?

Why even have a competitive mode in the first place?

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Losing is throwing, change my mind.