🛰 Goodman talks about Nerfs and Buffs (Updated with New Video(s) about this Topic. Ironic?)

I know you guys hate YO but I didn’t see anyone else report on this yet


editing again:

  1. for those who don’t want to click, they’re thinking about improving winston’s gun against armor. And maybe do it to zarya too (winston ok, i don’t see why zarya would need that, considering the recent armor nerf).
    EDIT: so, not exactly. What they are gonna do, most likely not next patch but the next after that, is to make beam type weapon less affected by armor. That would include Zarya, Symmetra, Moira and Winston.

  2. Bastion, Reaper, Symmetra are hard to balance, as they have their nich, but trying to buff them too much to work outside that niche would make them ultra dominant.

  3. Mercy is fine for them.

  4. Role Queue is harder than it seems. Both in terms of programming and matchmaking and balance wise. Beside giving massively longer queue times (especially for dps), there are heroes that sometimes are played off role. Like Zen or Brig or Hog could be in the dps slot instead of tank or healer, or how sombra was once played in the healer spot.


What an absolute idiotic move.


You forgot a nerf to Tracer’s pulse bomb was mentioned

They will never touch that shadow step. Lol Just keep buffing and nerfing until the game is broken.


i can kind of understand. With that level of damage and self sustain it would be a nightmare if he also had very good mobility.
I still would tweak shadow step a bit, like giving it invincibility on startup, so he can use it to escape, but not engage.

And i’d actually love something to help wiston. He needs it after the armor nerf.
I wish orisa would get something too, but playing her wasn’t that bad today.

they didn’t say they were gonna nerf it, but that 300 damage is enough. 400 let her be far too good against tanks.


Must of heard it differently

Oh well, already went over what I thought of Balance plus opinions from others (Overwatch pro and 2 Youtubers) early today. :Fish: My Own Thoughts and others Like Pro TVIQ and BTC about the Current Balence

Also talked earlier what could be done with Sym and Reaper here 🧞‍♀ 344 Days Since The Start of this post about Sym (4/10/18)(3/20/19)

But now have to get ready for work. Peace :+1:

I don’t really see why Winston needs to be better against armor.

He has his ultimate for pushing around the big boys (and girl).


I don’t know why the devs bother with these stream ‘interviews ‘ they never say anything substantial and just give politicians answers to everything.


Yeah can’t say I am a big fan of it.

Just was looking at another interview with an Overwatch pro saying how Powerful Winston is earlier today before this.

Need time gather my thoughts but if they released next ptr in a certain direction. I might be able to predict Hero 30. (Since Hero 30 is likely the one after.)

If they do continue with more nerfs like these to armour, then I reckon they should probably compensate by giving heroes like Orisa more standard HP.


a winston buff sound potentially really scary


Her Damage was Buffed… and she does have good cc… will come back to that…

No mention of any Pharah buffs when she’s beyond trash now? Unbelievable


Blizzard: “We try to make heroes better at what they’re strong at, not take away their weaknesses. That’s why we’re not buffing Reaper’s mobility, even though SS is hated by the community”

Also Blizzard: “Let’s make Zarya and Winston better against armor.”

Frankly, at this point, Blizzard’s balancing philosophy is straight up comical


She’s already the best off tank in the game who benefited massively from the armor changes damage wise what


That’s just their way of saying " I don’t like those heroes. They’re not my top favorite and don’t want them to have a limelight moment." Any developer that thinks niche heroes are hard to balance shouldn’t be in that crew and transfer to a mobile game.


I am seriously losing faith in their development team now. None of what they do makes any sense, whatever standpoint you want to view it from.


did blizzard say anything about junk?

Potential Zarya damage buffs