⚔ Doomfish's Ideas Vs BTC's For Shadestep

Why I agree with the first half, I disagree with the next.

Specially since we compared Reaper Shade Step to Widowmaker’s Hook.

I find them completely different.

In fact I think Sym Teleporter is more comparable, since placement happens in the same way.

And I don’t think BTC’s wouldn’t be really fun to go against. (Making Reaper too powerful.)

Instead my suggestion is simple. (Plus I want it to be consider for Sym as well.)

Instead of reworking as a new ability.

Just change how placement works.

Aka instead of looking at you target to place down.

Instead go into 3rd person for a limited time and choice a point to place down the placement. (Sort of like how DF’s ult works.)

This could for both the Shadestep and the Teleporter.

But unlike Doomfist who disappears.

Sym and Reaper would have to hide, because they would be vulnerable during this.

Hiding does work so no fear there, just look how that helped Mercy and Junkrat.

Lorewise, we could always add some animations, like “Shading Stuff” which I assume are nanobots for Reaper and Hardlight tech for Sym.

In the end, gameplay wise, it would make the heroes comparable to Sombra’s Translocater in way.

Plus more stuff. (I have other suggestions for Sym which I have suggested time and time again but today’s focus just on Reaper for now.)

(In the end… I am sure Goodman already got something but now, just comparing what could be before find what is… 🛰 Goodman talks about Nerfs and Buffs (Updated with New Video(s) about this Topic. Ironic?) )


it essentially depends if he’s still going to be sneaky or diving.
if it’s diving they could just make it like sombras translocator and make reapers just smokey as he travels to the spot which could indicate where he is. but he would have a more reliable gap closer in all directions.

if he’s still going to be sneaky they just don’t have to make it as obvious when he’s shadowstepping like strike a pose, lose full control of the character and then dissappear and re-appear with the same pose and smoke and sound theathrics.
i mean if they are going to do that atleast make the smoke cover his position so you can’t just easily shoot him.

and also to tighten his spread so he can effectively kill squishys in one shot at longer range than 3 meters would be nice, i know i’m just dreaming here but c’mon.

but i’m gonna be honest here, i kind of like reaper how he is right now or even pre-buff to lifesteal, the sad part is that there’s just no room for a hero like that on these big open spaces with a lot of movement abilities and cc’s and barriers everywhere.
he just happens to be one that suffers a lot from these and fixing it for a character that’s as big as him that wields powerful shotguns is really tricky.

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If Reaper was reworked to have his wraith form be infinite, how would the rest of his kit look like?

I don’t know. It’s just an idea.

I feel like since he is strongest as a stealthy flanker type, his current shadow-step and wraith abilities are too loud and wonky.

You mean Reaper right… unless you think I am Reaper… Then I don’t know what to say.

Usually I make fun of people mixing up Doomfish and Doomfist… but this is new.

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I meant Reaper lul.
I saw your name, and I accidently typed Doom. :rofl:

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Well anyway the other idea I had for Sym, instead of Flying Turrets.

, Just make them Flying Barriers that turn into Turrets when they land…

Aka bringing back Proton Barrier without losing any of other parts the kit.

at that point you could just make her into a tank as she would have barriers for days.
3 shootable barriers that turns into damage sources. aswell as having a mega barrier as an ultimate.

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Was thinking something closer to Mei. (You know, that Disruptor role, Sym used to have.)

i don’t know really about syms role, she has allways kind of been utility dps with a lot of conditional that her sentries can do work and she can set up an area for her teams advantage.

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Here is a refresher, on how she used to like:

Before the 3.0 killed her.

but i mean she does got a lot of things right now.
she has sentries that can be deployed easily to any area even really high to deny space to a pharah if need be.
she got orbs that does 120 damage that she can spam in tight spaces as they take up a lot of space.

sure her primary beam seems a little on the weak side but that’s because she needs something to be slightly weakened due to the massive kit to her.
she gets free teleporters that’s highly useful not only to her but her team.

and her ultimate is a big barrier that just shuts down a lot of aggression.

i mean they could bring back photon barriers but it kind of needs to be replaced with something in her kit and still make her work. i think they could remove her orbs and she could photon barrier and run with her beam at people but then her area spam is removed for a much riskier alternative as she could merely just stare at people from afar in poke fights and throw photon barriers at them so her allies gets free shots at them.

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The thing I fear most right now though… is how is Winston and Zarya Primary Fire gonna change too.

It’s really gotten me scratching my head and I wish more youtubers would try talking about it. Only BTC talked about it so far (Which is a little weird).

If this makes Sym in an even worst position, well I might be forced to join that Mercy riot thing… even though I hope I don’t have to make that choice. I don’t want to go that low, but if Geoff shows more favoritism like this… I don’t know. :expressionless:

pretty sure sym is getting that beam buff too?
it’s also so they could do more damage against armor so it’s not only relegated to other small damage sources.

i don’t know how much zarya and winston actually counters sym, but yeah i guess winston can clean up her sentries kind of effeciently and i guess zaryas bombs can do so too.

however i’m not really concerned about sym, she has allways been in the middle of the pack for me, i think she’s great to have on my team and i hate playing against her. however i feel she can be a bit lacking if the enemy team is really efficient and my team can’t fully abuse syms kit.

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I don’t play Sym anymore after the 3.0 change, sure she is used by pros now… but it’s more for the teleporter and nothing else. Sym been sort of dead for awhile. I do hope for improvements… but then I have been hoping for awhile now… and nothing really changed.

I have a problem with his version of shadowstep.

well…2 actually.

As you’ve said, it’s too powerful. It’s basically a tracer blink on a character with shotguns, who can then wraithform away with near 0 repercussions. It would wreck house in the lower brackets even more than his current iteration. The second beef I have is that he then has wraithform…and a faster wraithform that you can’t maneuver during.

That being said, I don’t care for the top down view of yours either (no offense).

I think reaper could at the very least do better with a shorter cast time. Like… if they shortened his disappearing time but had around the same reappearing time, it would remain that out of combat ability, but still be used for a quick escape. It’d also allow for wraithform to be used a bit more without having to worry about hard committing. Right now if you use wraithform other than to get away, you’re doing a cointoss. Either you kill them, or you have no escape and you die.

The thing is Geoff is misspoke when he said Reaper is a Flanker… techically he is. But he is a certain kind of Flanker… a Lurker.

He is actually the only Lurker in the game right now.

I actually agree with that. I find him better on defense and was a bit surprised that he wasn’t in the defense category back when they had it.

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i think it killed a lot of players when they removed her beam that auto-locked and was great against genjis atleast for low rank players. and then she saw some potential with the photon barrier to block and run in with her beam, i think it was still auto-lock on? now she can’t just run in and do that and gets picked off by snipers much easier and other sources of damage.

but that was more because the general consensus that people didn’t like the idea of high damage auto-lock beam i think.

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Wonder why that is… maybe it’s because highest avg of players play Tracer or Genji at higher levels.

Actually, don’t most players play Mercy, Rein, and DVa?