🛰 Finally OC talks about upcoming Changes (explains the beam Buff)

Been waiting all weekend for this; 🛰 Goodman talks about Nerfs and Buffs (Updated with New Video(s) about this Topic. Ironic?)

Edit: Huh… he doesn’t go over the Shadestep stuff

He really should have, the forums needs a gentle reminder that Shadow Step either is almost useless or OP with no in-between.

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I mean I get it… it might not be this upcoming PTR but still, having that rework in the future would be huge… Tactically if they go with the 3rd person perspective like I have suggested before, time and time again. (Honestly, not making this up, seen nothing better then this. All other ideas seem to go in the same mindless direction.) ⚔ Doomfish's Ideas Vs BTC's For Shadestep

Best they could deliver without reworking or replacing the ability is QoL changes.

They technically already done… all of those. (Attack Buff, Silent, reloading.)

It’s really the placement of either teleporter or Shadestep thats really the real issue.

Should not be avoided or could lean into bigger issues.

Just make them (Teleporter and Shadowstep) ignore railings, when locked, the animation will destroy the railings. Done it, i fixed two abilities for Blizzard.

Sym’s TP could use some work but at this point, Shadow Step is supposed to suck. You can’t give THE close range dps mobility, his whole challenge is supposed to be getting close. They should just undo the railing thing.

Here a suggestion if you got some decent skill at Sombra.

Put your translocator far behind enemy lines.

So when you escape your always coming up behind them at the same time your allies come to the front lines.

Now imagine this with a Sym or Reaper. (Though both working differently.) (Coming behind them, attacking at the right time, joining your allies.) (Unless your Sym… then your Allies “could be” with you… which is even greater for her.)

(Sym would also have the Proton barrier back as I suggested.) (replaces the flying Turrets but when the Barrier lands it would fold into a Turret.)

Yea, I keep suggesting that one of the few changes I think Sym needs is just for her Teleporter to land in a similar way to DVA’s call mech. Let it just shatter the railings near it. Maybe a faster activation time too (though I can already use it as an evasive tool).

With Reaper, I kind of wish that his shadow step worked like Doomfist’s ult. Maybe give it a windowed duration like Hanzo’s Storm arrows. 6 seconds to choose where he rises up from.

  • He still does his sinking/rising animations
  • Being able to choose locations outside of LOS means that he can appear from behind corners/etc - like a lurking figure of death.
  • This would make the skill feel less like a transportation tool and more like a engage/disengage tool (able to turn a corner, sink into the ground and rise up somewhere else)
  • One problem I see is how will Reaper reach higher positions? How reliably can Doomfist’s ult do this? Would players trade this away?
  • The few seconds he has to position himself while off the map is enough to get enemy info before planning his attack, like Sombra’s invisibility. No more rising up, blind while a Widow has your head in her scopes.