Genji's pick rate in a tank meta proves he's OP

Why? If you’re not capable of predicting Genji’s deflect but he’s capable of predicting your action and investing his cooldown ability accordingly he should be rewarded?

If he’s deflecting during Dragonblade he’s already wasting it’s limited time.

They might not completely kill the character but they’d be incredibly unnecessary nerfs considering he’s already balanced.

No he doesn’t need a nerf we should just make a genji counter Comp
Moria brig as healers
Roadhog zarya tanks
Mccree and a good sym
Boom countered :joy:

Genji would farm up ultimate from a distance every minute against that comp, and then kill the Brig/Sym/McCree.

So instead of that comp run the Cree comp.

It’s GOATS but you substitute D.Va for McCree.

Playing Genji into that is hell.

Good luck convincing all five teammates to swap in matchmaking.

We don’t currently perceive Genji to be a balance problem.


Wish you could say the same about Widowmaker.

Well im a 3500 McCree main - a hero that’s supposed to counter Genji according to you - are you really saying I need to get good when I’m in the top 4% of the player base AND play a supposed counter?


Because he isn’t.

And what about Reaper?
Do you guys think he’s in a good spot?


Could we get some feedback on Sombra?

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Amen. Genji is fine.


Only issue with Genji is his consistent Nano Blade kills. People will always say that it’s two ults being invested but it is hard to survive it.

What about Pharah? The changes destroyed her


Well, it was pretty obvious that they did not believe he was a balance problem seeing as he has maintained this state for quite some time.

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Nerf some more. I can still see her at the character selection screen.

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He’s a fun problem. 8)

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“We find him fun to play so he’s not a problem.”


You do realize you’re basically just confirming/reinforcing the idea that mindlessly spamming gets results to everyone with this post, right?

Glad to hear it! Thank you for the confirmation :slight_smile: !


Are there any potential balance issues that the team is specifically looking at beyond just the long term effects of the last patch?