Experimental Mode – Moving the Meta with Hero Updates

Hello everyone!

We’re starting up another Experimental mode, this time featuring balance adjustments to a number of heroes (Patch Notes). While we can’t say that all of these updates will reach the live version of the game, we’re hoping this test provides some insight into changes we’re looking to make and an opportunity for feedback from our players.

What are we trying to address?

At Overwatch’s highest levels of play, we’ve seen the meta become more defined due to certain heroes over-performing. With this experiment, we’re testing some hero adjustments aimed at shifting away from a barrier-heavy meta. In addition, we’re taking this opportunity to address some under-performing heroes. We hope these changes will help to diversify hero choices and team compositions.

What are we testing?

In this Experimental mode, we will be making hero updates (value adjustments, rather than changes to ability function) to the following heroes:

  • Brigitte
  • Orisa
  • Pharah
  • Roadhog
  • Sigma
  • Symmetra
  • Zenyatta

These changes are focused on reducing the potency of some shield-heavy Tanks, while also targeting heroes like Brigitte, who help enable the meta we’re looking to address. We’re also including some adjustments to under-performing Damage heroes like Pharah and Symmetra to increase their effectiveness.

We hope that you’ll give this Experimental mode a shot and share your feedback! Reminder that game development is an iterative process – especially hero balance. We’ll be reading your feedback, monitoring the experiment, as well as live games to gauge whether these changes address our goals of moving the barrier-heavy meta.



First. Thanks Molly, very cool!


Awesome, I love seeing double shield/brig nerfs, or just nerfs in general!

I think this is half way to the right direction tho. Orisa I think should have a stronger barrier but weaker Fortify/Halt. Maybe 20% Fortify, 5m halt radius, then buff the barrier back to 900 HP. Sig nerfs might be too harsh I think he is just enabled by Orisa but we’ll see. I think just grasp needed a shorter duration.

As with Brig, remove the healing on armor pack and just have it put armor over the HP pool instead. Repair pack does not need to heal. Inspire was honestly pretty OK I just don’t think she should have ranged pocket potential on TOP of having AoE healing and peel.

But regardless I’m glad to see double shield and Brig being targeted. They among with many others needed to be nerfed.


please dont murder them again like with the shield nerfs


you killed many heroes before, please dont do that again… mei is literally dead, for no reason but you wanted to ruin that hero.’
you cant be serious with this brig change:

  • Base health lowered from 200 to 150

edit: i just saw, they are murdered


Are the changes posted anywhere?

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Is this live now? Ate there patch notes?

Don’t do my boy road like that he’s a good guy, he never did anything to deserve that


click on the link


Its live now, patchnotes in game

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Finally, some Double/Triple Shield Nerfs

Maybe this time it will actually do something


Wheeeeeeee back to Rein Zarya for another year!


These are a bit too harsh dont you think?

Orisa and Sigma got absolutely wrecked


Guys…you aren’t changing anything with these small % and number increases.

You need to fix fundamental flaws with how you’ve designed some of these heroes.


Not to mention it will make tank feel like more of a burden


The inspire nerf for Brigitte is pretty heavy but fair, the health reduction will probably finally balance her out. She will probably be B-tier.

The symmetra buffs are strange, but not unwelcome.

The pharah buffs are in a good direction as she sorely needed more movement speed. Can’t wait to play with her now.

Orisa’s halt nerf is great, always hated that thing.

Unsure why Sigma and Orisa were nerfed again as Reinhardt/Ana were finally balancing out. Its even more confusing when you consider they said they were going to balance over preforming heroes, but left those two alone. They will probably shoot back up to S-tier required after this patch.


Did they really just revert the jjonak nerf lol


Thanks for the link. A bit confused on why Roadhog got nerfed. More damage combined with less shots and slower fire rate doesn’t look like an improvement.


Yes! They reverted the Jjonak nerf!