Can all 2CP Maps and the Gamemode be Reworked?

Would it though?

Things could be scaled to be similar to Payload maps, which rarely get complained about.

I’d say it’s worth at least a look.

Why can’t we just finally add a mode selection option? Why are the developers so against the idea?

Worst case scenario, a certain mode or map never gets played. But that makes it easy for you to guys to spot and fix what the community dislikes.


Payload maps have much less time given between points and are easier to attack since the objective is always close.

For the assault maps, it’s complained about for some maps that it’s too hard to attack, other maps it’s too hard to defend. Speeding up capture hurts defense more than less time hurts the attack since all it takes is one good push.

It feels difficult to defend, if the enemy team sweeps the first team fight in the first minute of the game (which is pretty common), they usually have ults for second point, which makes defending the last one incredibly difficult for your team to defend. You end up getting snowballed so much, it’s not fun.

Even if you’re attacking and you snowball the enemy team it still doesn’t feel good, it feels dull, like yeah we won this round but it did not feel satisfying

Have you thought of Changing Paris at all? The first point choke point is very similar to Eichenwalde first point which was changed because it was too hard to cross. Are there any changes you’ve been thinking of perhaps adding in another doorway like you did for Eichenwalde or possibly a different design change?

yes. we have actually tried it. the scope of work to do it properly is the equivalent of rebuilding all of the maps. it’s not a “minor redo” or rework level of effort. it’s almost like building a new map from scratch.


True. I love 2cp! It’s my favorite gamemode.


I love 2cp personally…it’s just a different type of challenge relative to the other map types…

do defenses have an advantage at the end of those maps? Yes

Can it lead to stalling? Yes

but neither really bothers me…especially in comp since you have equal advantages once you switch over

i would personally change 2 things if possible (which i would say blizz has already at least tweaked in the past):

  • remove draws…2 points…whoever takes it fastest period…if they both go overtime then its whoever was in OT the least amount of time…or just make the rounds even shorter…basically the less amount of times spent on the maps the better…no tiebreaker helps…but less time overall (which theyve done before) would help

  • and reduce stall potential with respawn times (also which theyve done)…

the alternative for the latter would be redesign maps so the defense doesnt spawn right next to the final objective…OR consider shortening distance between points A and B - which i would say is a MUST in the case of paris (since i know theyre working on it specifically)

but i think 2cp is a good measure of a teams ability to work as one…which i believe to be the real issue here…its not so much that theyre badly designed…its that people dont really have a team mentality

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Have you ever considered having both points be active at once, and the two teams essentially be forced to defend their own point while attacking the enemy point? Obviously this would require that the attacking team be moved closer to their point (or that point moved closer to them), but I think it’d create an interesting dynamic

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If I were going to say my only complaint about 2 CP its when the fight has that neverending stall that makes the second point sometimes be stalled for over a minute. It just feels like a won fight is taking far longer than it should.

I try to convince my group why they should skip CP maps too :innocent:
We all have our own favorites.

1 split would be enough.

Escort :

  • escort maps
  • hybrid maps

Dominate :

  • assault maps
  • control maps

I like the mode in comp, but I HATE it in QP.

So… the problem of 2CP as I undestand it is that it’s frequently too one way or the other - either the attacking team snowballs and wins quick, or the defending team can continously trickle in and stall out offenses.

Proposal: Use doors that open and spawn rooms that move closer. As the attacking team capture progressively more quadrants, more doors open (which means the second capture point has starts with some closed doors) and their spawn room moves closer to the capture point.

Which should help push the game towards a middle length, rather than having attackers snowball or defenders stall out.

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Have you looked into making it so that capture speed of objectives is dynamic by skill tier?

Also how about a version in Quickplay where both sides get a chance to capture point A, then the slowest team attempts to capture B.

I’ve seen some people suggest making it so that both teams have their Ult charge reset to zero after capturing A.

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For whatever it’s worth, I personally think a large part of the issue with the 2CP mode is that the attackers generally only have to win two fights total in order to fully complete the round. Meanwhile, the defenders have to win…anywhere from 5-7, depending on how fast the fights go, the attackers regroup, etc.

The reason for this is that capture progress ticks fast enough that point A is generally completely lost the moment the defenders wipe, while point B is nearly done by the time defenders respawn and touch again, which results in prolonged stall fights instead of a proper regroup.

Would extending the time required to capture a point help address this, or would it simply cause more problems than it solves?

This is true, I actually enjoy the 2CP mode… some of the maps however, not so much. But you guys are working on those so thank you!


Its funny because people in my games will say “i hate 2 cp” and then I ask them why and they dont really have an answer and you know why that is? Because people are just riding on a bandwagon and blindly hating something for no reason and or parroting others opinions because they cant have any opinions of their own :roll_eyes:

I happen to love all the 2cp maps and my favorite is horizon and anubis


Honestly 2cp isn’t that bad in an environment where people work together.
But given how that’s around 0,2% of the games played, I really don’t see why it has to be around in comp or qp.

I honestly like 2CP myself but yes they have problem.

The biggest one I don’t like is how defenders of the second point can just step back into spawn and get instantly healed up. Your spawn room should never heal you, just prevent damage.

Would you guys be open to adding more map lanes to the objective ? I think the issue is that there are most of the time only 1 -2 Viable routes to the objective that make it hard to come through.