Blizzard Hates Mercy, she will never get a buff and Mercy mains need to accept that

I wouldn’t put the blame squarely on them alone. I don’t know if you were here for her reworks but the forums kinda exploded with crazyness every time they tried something new with her. Now that they’ve got her somewhere “meh” I think they’re tired of the blowback. The Mercy fanbase is a volatile thing.

Jeff said it on the forums. I think it was pretty recent to. If you insist, I could find it for you.

If we’re talking about balance, skill is arguably more important than “wisdom”. Especially if we’re discussing Esport’s pros.

I’m not advocating buffs for my mains because they don’t need one. Mercy doesn’t need a buff because she is performing well, which is something that some Mercy players just seem unable to accept. Like I said, if Mercy happens to get a buff it will be a very minor one like 5hps, any more than that would break her again.

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They said they might try it, but they haven’t actually done it. You said they had done it already.

No, no it isn’t and the fact that you say that is concerning.

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I ended up messing up the tenses for that reply.

This is my correct answer. Sorry for the mistake.

Sure, wisdom is good but if you’re already knowledgable and overall make good decisions in matches already, there’s no real need for you to be a die-hard player of 5 years or something. The amount of knowledge and skill that pros have make them good players to ask about balance.


Ryan found it for me.

So they did attempt it. Guess I should change my reply then.

The developers have tried to remove 2CP and replace it with 3CP.

Sees signature hero is Mercy, yeah it checks up.

He never said remove until rework, he said remove and provided no feedback on it whatsoever.

You are welcome to do that anytime.

None of those things imply anger. Though I’m not surprised you can’t tell the difference.

The person I was replying to said that they had implemented it in game which is not true.

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no it did. They only nerfed it because they wanted other supports like Ana to shine - but now with Ana’s 100% pick rate I think maybe they’ve tipped the balance way too far by nerfing mercy into the ground and while at the same time buffing Ana

Also mercy had 60hps since ana’s launch as a character and for the whole of overwatch until 2018. Even then they only reverted it because of the fact they wanted other main healers to shine after the toxicity and notoriety of the moth meta

THIS SUGGESTS that 60hps DID WORK and was in fact the MAGIC NUMBER

you’re just too ignorant to see it


Let’s not confused apathy for disdain.

Blizz does not care for Mercy, that is very different than hatred.

Eh, no I didn’t? I said they attempted it.

If I actually said that they implemented it, it would still be in the game rofl? Where does it say here that they “implemented it”. The context is pretty obvious here.

Being skilled at something doesn’t mean that you understand how things work and the opposite is also true, a person can understand a lot about the game but not have high skill. I can’t count how many times I’ve seen professional players say stupid things, and also how much their own biases show very often. Just to be clear I’m not saying all of them are this way, but arguing that all of them have what it takes to be taken seriously would also be mistaken. The person I was arguing with about this is going by the fact that a player said something, and according to them that automatically makes it objective, which it isn’t.


You might not agree that she needs a buff but for anybody who does it’s going to be frustrating when the devs refuse to say why they won’t acknowledge the buff.

Is she?

The whole point of this post was telling Mercy mains who hadn’t moved on to move on.

That’s all that a majority of Mercy mains are advocating for. Apart from the odd nut who want ‘60HPS’ so mercy can rule the Meta again.

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We still see threads asking for mass rez to come back often, there is no strawman here, learn what the word means before using it please.

You said that, and since I was talking about the live game it is implied that you are talking about the live game, if you weren’t then you should’ve made the observation that you were talking about something else.

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Yes put professional esports players are both skilful and knowledgable. I’m not saying they’re just one or the other. It’s not mutually exclusive.

This is true but this doesn’t discredit the overall notion that professional players are skilful and know a lot about their respective games. It’s just a few rotten apples saying dumb things (usually for clout as well).

Definitely. There have been multiple cases where certain pros can’t be taken seriously (xQc). But in this context, NeptuNo and most other other pros can be taken seriously since most of their feedback and balance opinions have been grounded in logic and fact - not hyperboles.

Sure they might not HATE her, but ignoring the problem gives the same effect as hating her

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Everything you said is wrong and it show how biased you are.


I don’t really think it is. you sound like an angry child. did you read my post properly?

Because remove 2cp is an intelligent feedback to make? Sorry but I have yet to see anything coming from him that is actually valuable feedback other than his own opinion. We can’t just say that the opinion of someone can be taken seriosuly “just because”.

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What? I’m talking about this single thread? No one was talking about mass Res until you randomly just decided to bring it up and tried to use that to discredit Mercy player’s feedback. That’s a strawman.

Um, you weren’t really talking about anything specific? If anything, since Jeff’s quote confirms that they attempted it and you clearly knew that quote, it would make the context of my reply even clearer. Again, it’s obvious that I was referring to the fact that Blizzard attempted to turn 2CP into 3CP.

Resorting to insults already, not surprised. I did read your post and it all stinks of bias.