Shanghai Dragons vs. Hangzhou Spark - FINAL

After Map 2


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Push will be a nice change. Speaking of, Jeff replied to a post about changing 2CP to 3CP, did you see that? We might be seeing that in OW2.

I did, but he also addressed the disadvantages of making such a drastic change (rebuilding the entire map). I don’t see it happening even for Overwatch 2.

Oh? I didn’t, that would be… something.

Sasin looks like he has had zero fun this game.

Here is the quote from today:

Yeah, it would be tough. 3CP maps would have to be significantly larger than the other types too, I guess.

Yeah well that is the thing, he said no to rebuilding, he didn’t say anything about not making NEW maps for it. Which I think was in the announcement trailer right? New maps.

I’ve heard several old pro TF2 players recently talk about the 5CP/“back and forth” game mode model for OW. They all agreed it would be bad.

But Push seems to fix that issue.

Not exactly, but the relationship of the two spawn points between each objective point must be carefully evaluated. In the current Assault Map system there is one true constant. The distance between point B and A is equal. This is important because of how each team spawns for each point. During point A, the defense have the long walk and is not likely to hold onto point A, while during point B the attacking team have the long walk making it difficult for them to take point B. That is the balance and harmony of Assault.

There are new maps, but think about the current map counts and the fact we have a new map type. Since the release of Havana the current counts are:

  • Control: 5
  • Escort: 6
  • Assault: 5
  • Hybrid: 5
  • Push: 0

Chances are the development team will release mostly push maps on the release to try to keep the different map types in balance (for greater map diversity).

Push, from what little I have played on it at BlizzCon, is a beautiful game mode. Team fights can quickly reform so there is consistent and balanced action throughout the game. The dynamic Spawn Rooms are key to the flow of this game mode.

Push looks fun.

I’m wondering if any of the new maps could possibly be better than King’s Row.

True, but OW2 has been in development for how long? Also would they really port all maps from OW? If they want some kind of continuity to the story, which they do with minor changes to payloads on Numbani and Route 66 as examples.

Though I guess if they porting all the skins, then all of the maps would be brought over too. Maybe with minor continuity changes.

The only PVP map that was playable was Toronto (Push). I loved it for all of the different flanking routes (which really supports the Push game type).

Lip’s flank! That was a proper Reaper flank.

Void and Fleta together are such a fantastic duo…

At least two years by now if my notes are correct.

I am expecting it. Players will start to whine if some maps go missing. From what I have seen in the gameplay trailer, at least 6 maps from the current maps appear (mostly demonstrated in hero missions). I also spotted one brand new map (some European looking city) that was playing on the Assault Map type.

That being said, I could very well be wrong on any of this speculation.

Maybe they keep some maps, while changing others maybe… like imagine Route 66 being backwards or continued somehow…

Well Route 66 was demonstrated in Hero Missions and it had an Overwatch dropship along the pitfall edge in the streets section. Who knows.

In the meantime… 4:15 remaining on a Numbani clock?! Not record breaking but damn…

Wow… Void is a god tier Sigma.