Rework for Capture Maps

To the majority of the Overwatch community, capture point maps (or 2cp for short) are some of the most disliked maps out there. So, how could we improve the concept while also keeping it relatively the same for those who like it? I believe I’ve come to a solution that answers both problems, so here goes:

For each map there is a gate or barrier that divides the areas for capture point A and B. Defenders can go through one of two side points that only they have access to until the Attackers have captured point A. Once point A is captured, the gate (and the two side points used by the Defenders) is opened, allowing both sides to use them.

On Temple of Anubis, there is a narrow gateway near point A, that would be the gate, but maybe a bit wider. The two side points for the Defenders would be the alleyway left of the gate, and an area that leads to the room on the right with the health pack. Once point A is captured, the gate (and two pathways) will be open for the Attackers as well.

So what do you think? Would this work in Overwatch, or would it need more fine-tuning? I did exclude spawn info due to not wanting to make this post long, but I can answer that question should it be asked.

I really don’t understand none of the words that are written on this post, but on the topic of Assault (what you call “Capture”) maps being reworked, Jeff Kaplan has been very vocal, and I encourage you to visit the post and search for answers

“Jeff Kaplan response on Assault maps changing the number of objectives from two to three”

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2CP maps are the maps where you need to play like this game is meant to be played … with teamwork and strategy and most players suck at this.

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I read it before making this post days ago. The thing with Overwatch Devs is that they’re very vague about what they do. For all we know, they could just be making the maps bigger (with maybe new sections). I actually do have a vision on how the altered maps could look, the only thing is I can’t draw in detail.