2cp really needs to change

So you can’t just zerg the point over and over.

Jeff Kaplan’s reply here:

That’s only about adding more points to it rather than prevent the stupid zerging the point.

What do you mean by zerging? Stalling?

Urban dictionary says:

Using massive amounts of weak, or generic units to describe massive amount of soliders that spawn in a tower, and then attack a base.
It comes from the word wordzerg/word. Zergs in Starcraft were able to produce large amount of units very quickly.

I hatecomes down to zerging

Throwing yourself at the point over and over and winning by attrition. It’s stupid as hell. The spawn timer should be increasing every time you’re killed on defense at the last point in 2cp. Just had a game with 3 minutes of this stupid throwing yourself at the point on last point, because the respawn is too fast for defense and they’re too close to the point compared to the attackers. The entire defense team was killed like 3 or 4 times over in total but just gotta zerg that point and you’ll win because the attackers have to run farther if you kill someone from the attacking team.

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Sorry. I’ve never heard that word before. It’s cool that you gave me the context.

Thank you.

Its about time they admit that the mode is terrible, the community has expressed their unfoundness of this mode almost since the beggining of the game.
People even went as far as to record how many leavers they had per match and 2cp was the mode with the most leavers because people dont really like it in general.

A map veto has been sugested ad nauseum here and they still refuse to implement it.

They dont listen, they dont care, the game is dying as it should be and it cant die fast enough.