Would a 3CP gamemode work?

Like just 2CP but with an extra point at the end

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No. Too much and the games would be to long. We already struggle and often have overtime in 2cp. With 8 minutes on 2 point, how you gonna cap 3 cp points in 8 mins?

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2 CP maps are all designed so that it’s a somewhat difficult to capture point followed by a very difficult to capture point. 3 points would allow for a better distribution of difficulty

Dont think so. 3CP would make the matches longer and worse. Way to much re thinking and the time that needs to be added would just make ev 3cp match 30+ min. Also 2cp is the hardest to attack. Dont think this is a smart idea

you want more 2cp? no thanks.

Just got a dev response an hour ago lol

They would effectively be the same as Payload maps, and could easily be tuned to a similar scale. Not sure why that’d be a problem if everyone loves Payload.

That said, Jeff said in a different thread that the real hurdle is the fact that they’d pretty much have to redesign every single map from scratch. Like, think about Anubis for example, where would you even put a third point?

I mean a 3 CP is fairly similar to the payload maps that already exist as there are 3 or 4 spots that you have “take” in order to push the payload. I know its not exactly the same thing but generally for instance finishing Blizzworld involves the same type of teamwipes that would be required in a 2CP game.