28.4 Known Issues

Patch 28.4 is now live, bringing with it the Delve Into Deepholm Mini-Set, with new dual-class cards, more Excavate Treasures, old friends, and more!

Follow this post for more information about known issues that we’re tracking in this patch, including the following:

  • [Resolved Jan 19 - Hearthstone] Velarok Windblade was unintentionally reverted to its prior transformation requirement (3 cards from another class).
  • [Resolved Jan 19 - Hearthstone] We’ve temporarily banned Jotun the Eternal due to a bug with its effect. It will be unbanned once we’ve resolved the issue.
  • [Resolved Jan 29 - Hearthstone] Lightshow was unintentionally changed.
  • [Resolved Feb 1 - Hearthstone] Tickatus’s effect isn’t working as intended.
  • [Hearthstone] Raid Boss Onyxia continues to deny that Starlight Whelp is a whelp.
  • [Resolved Feb 2 - Duels] We’re temporarily turning off Heroic Duels due to players using unauthorized technology to exploit the mode. Heroic Duels is now back online, the cheating accounts have been banned, and affected players have been granted 10 Tavern Tickets (in two waves, since a few folks were missed the first time).
  • [Resolved Jan 23 - Arena] Kazakusan is not used to Duels Treasures in Arena and currently does not generate treasures to fill your deck (he just deletes your deck and abandons you).
  • [Resolved Jan 29 - Battlegrounds] Land Lubber is temporarily removed from Battlegrounds until the next scheduled balance window.
  • [Resolved Jan 23 -General] We’re investigating issues with client performance on Android devices. An update is available on Android devices to resolve performance issues. This will require a client download from wherever you get your usual updates.
  • [Added Jan 22 - Hearthstone] School Teacher’s Nagalings have no effect when they are taught Misfire or Heat Wave.
  • [Resolved Jan 29 - Hearthstone] A bug was fixed to prevent Shadestone Skulker from causing infinite loops. Now, Shadestone Skulker will no longer have the weapon once it “gives it back” so the Deathrattle does nothing after the first activation. Note: Effects that double a Deathrattle (like Snowfall Graveyard) still make the first Deathrattle activation happen twice, but you can’t then activate the same Skulker’s Deathrattle again through another effect/death. One Deathrattle doubled isn’t the same as triggering a Deathrattle two different times.
  • [Resolved Feb 8 - Hearthstone] The team is investigating reports that some players didn’t receive their monthly rewards. It appears this happened to players who had a higher carry-over rank in Twist while it was unavailable for the month than they achieved in Standard or Wild. The team has patched up the issue causing this error and affected players have now received their season rewards.

  • [Added Feb 5 - Battlegrounds] Staff of Enrichment has been temporarily removed from the Tavern Spell pool while we investigate an issue causing desyncs.

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When looking at the new Lunar Deathwing skin in the collection after right-clicking, his portrayal is zoomed in way too much.

Oh and not sure if intended or not, the Scarlet Sally bundle is suddenly gone as well.
Not sure if you just launched it a week too early or what happened.

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The High Noon Duelist achievement is no longer working (at least with the signature version of the card). I’ve twice, in two different games, won the duel but I’m still stuck on 11/12 for the achievement, same as I was before the patch.


Halveria still lacks used animation of her Hero Power.

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[Corrupted] Tickatus burns 10 cards instead of 5, this is without Brann’s involvement. Not a one time fluke, consistent behavior.


I’m not certain if the skin’s voicelines are bugged in game as well, but in the shop preview for Justice Jaina at the very least, her “Oops” and “Threaten” emotes’ voice gets cut off before completing the lines of dialogue. I don’t know if this applies to other voicelines of hers as well (like, the ones that happen if you run out of cards, or time is running out in your turn, etc).

When trying to start the game with a warrior deck including a few new cards, the game cannot be started and I always got an error message, but when i try other decks, the game could start normally without an issue. Pretty sure there’s something wrong with the new cards.

Iridescent Gyreworm didn’t give all my minions a bonus effect. I had queen azshara, iridescent gyreworm, azerite scorpion and 2 spirit wolves from feral spirit. My opponent killed my gyreworm but queen azhara didn’t had a bonus effect.

Hi, when you play Brann and next turn Odyn the battle cry of Odyn is not launch two times just ones. Thx

Odyns battlecry doesn’t stack. Not a bug.


There is a bug with the new Jaina legendary hero skin.

In the german version if Jaina uses a specific card like “Arcane Intelligence” she suddenly starts speaking english.

The emotes use the correct language but as soon as the voice lines for the cards are used the language switches to english.

Plus the bug with the Battlegrounds boards still remains. The “red 1” did not disappear after the patch. It still shows that there is a new board in my collection but there is none.

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Halveria Darkraven’s hero power animation is still broken. Although as a blind player, I can’t say whether or not she had an animation to begin with, she at least had a very distinct electric guitar chord that played. So that at the very least is broken.


Hi! Will there be any compensation for players that got their duels run ruined? Kinda sucks to lose 150g / 300g on turn one
Thank you!

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this is their reply when I asked for refund:
"Please keep in mind, however, that digital sales from us are considered final, but we do try to help out where we can. In this case, however, we will not be able to offer a refund unfortunately.

I understand this is not the news you were hoping for, but this is not something that we will be to assist with."

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blackscreen after press ‘play’
macos highsierra 10.13.6
macbook a1342

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Velarock is bugged, back to 3colors from other cards to transfor into true form

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Arena started bugging, cards start bugging when trying to play them. Cant really see what im doing, I can attack and do stuff but that one card is spazzing out and cant see any cards after that. Resetting game works for moment and the it comes again. Didnt do this for earlier arena runs. So maybe some card is bugging my run?
Its not only arena, weird, because didnt do this earlier after installing patch. Reinstalling game


Card library section is completely empty - shows 0 cards in each game mode.
this seems to be a problem only when using google chrome, as opposed to other search engines like edge.

With this update, nothing works for me anymore, battleground mode turns purple and never launches, hearthstone mode doesn’t even launch anymore.