28.4 - Account Bans for Duels Exploiting

Hello everyone,

Yesterday, we disabled Heroic Duels to prevent malicious users from using third party software to break deckbuilding restrictions. This is a violation of our Terms of Service, and the offending accounts have been banned.

We are currently testing a fix to close the vulnerability as soon as possible. Once confirmed, this will be added in a server-side hotfix and the Heroic Duels queue will be reenabled.

Additionally, players who had lost Heroic Duels games to illegal decks will receive 10 Tavern Tickets–these will be granted to impacted player accounts at a later date.

Thank you for your patience.

Edit: Tavern Ticket grants to affected players have now been distributed.

Edit 2: It looks like we missed one category of cheaters, so we’re opening this back up to finish the job.

Edit 3: Okay, NOW Ticket grants should have gone out to all affected players.


I had 2 instances of losing my games due to my opponents using illegal decks i have a screenshot of the first happening with my 8 win streak rogue game if i need to provide and i was so frustrated be the second one i threw my phone kknda and crashed the game the second one was vs a reno as a paladin my first game i have 20 hp and he starts /w a back pack treasure and went first played 2 catds and killed me 1st lowering my hp down to 1 and second dealing 1 damage for each creature in my deck

I had several last year that I reported to hacks@blizzard but never heard back on - such as one guy who’d somehow tweaked his entire priest duels deck under Elise that was entirely made up of the astral mecha that gets stronger per copy. Like, no other minions in the entire deck…

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so it had an impossible deck like the ones from the screenshots?

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yes. essentially the entire deck was astral mechas and some priest removal with the only other minions being maybe 2 of those celestial projectionists.

Yesterday, I played and the game shown that there are some issue happening to my games which make the duel can not be started. I then cancelled the current run and start a new one in hopping for the trouble tobe fixed. Only by that time i realized duel can not be played.
Please, in the next time you terminate some thing or do any fix, please inform at the ingame start screen so we know what is happenning.


Hey ya’ll, so i’m not sure what “Illegal” decks were circulating Heroic runs, but here it is, 0145 EST and i had an encounter with this gem of an opponent:

Essentially started off the game with 20 passives, and drops a cool 600+ armor and HP before turn 1 just between multiple instances of different passives. I know it’s only casual mode, and duels is on it’s way out, but still… anyhoo. He conceded, and it’s no big deal, but this is the first time i can recall of anyone BLATANTLY cheating, so i figured I’d post. Cheers

No cheating per say, but something Ive never witnessed before. On the 4th or so turn the player had a legendary that converted all their HP into Armor. They were playing as Sir Findley the murloc, half paladin half shaman i think is its dual classes. Power was the bubble one that costs 0. IDK. Ive never encountered such a broken card. Because of course right away it seemed like every minion they played afterwards had lifesteal, they were minions Ive seen and used before for just such ability, so those cards weren’t a cheat as far as I know. But it didnt matter what I played, they had both a board clear, and board presence to increase pressure on me every single turn. I dont think I even have more than 1 board clear spell per class… let alone one for every single turn the way this person managed to…


it just got to the point where there was no point so I just had to end the run at 10 turns on this match… with an all time high of this character of 4 wins in a single run. SO I had been making good progress til this broken character and his infinite armor right away and infinite board clearing… all the while lifestealing up before ai can even have a minion live long enough to even attack their armor down…

I had only just built my deck, when i hit play i got the message about an error. Normally there is a button to ‘retire’ from the game. I can’t even play in casual duels while this fix happens? I hope this is fixed soon. its been nearly a week

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So-called ‘deck trackers’ (actual hacks showing information otherwise not available in the game and possibly doing than that… like, ahem, ‘piloting’ the game for you and doing other nefarious manipulations) are legal and fine, they said… :thinking:


Nope, deck trackers dont hack. They operate completely client side, form info you have access to without a tracker on PC. Check the logs. Hacking is server side, not client side. Trackers only give the information the server sends to the client, which is not a hack as the host is providing the info to the client.


Trackers do nothing more than what an observant player and a notepad and pencil can achieve IRL. Ill admit they are bloody efficient at it but if allowed to rope every turn I could copy down all the same things a tracker tells me. The tracker just allows me not to need to rope or need a pen.



Ugh, those forum ‘experts’ again… :man_facepalming:

I don’t think this is the place to report cheaters, if that was your intention.

I had a great run in progress and then go up against a player that drops a 6/6 quel’delar on turn 1 costing 0… ended my amazing run and pissed me off to no end.

Blizzard doing the right thing!

One thing trackers do that you won’t be able to always be on top of and that’s what’s in their hand. Really good information to know how long they have been holding onto a card.

You could do the same by being attentive and writing things down, its a blink and you’ll miss it kinda thing sure, but its not impossible.

Just played a casual duels match. Clearly a hacked deck. I’ve played quite a lot and never seen anything like it. 2nd match of a run. We both start with additional passive of ‘both players start with 10 mana’. Opponent plays ‘fill board with random undead’. Next turn ‘deal 12 damage to all enemies’. Not a real card. Also didn’t actually damage anything oddly. Then ‘your minions cost 0 this turn’. Not a real card. Then a minion with ‘at end of turn deal 25 damage to all enemies’. Wtf. Screen name was djweb I believe. It was very fast that’s all I can remember.

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It’s not enough that you ban these players, all players who lost a match to this exploit should be refunded full amount of money or gold.

Heroic brawl currency can be real money, and at least in my country that constitutes agambling. Should you choose not to refund players, you may be looking at a class action lawsuit. It would be possible to argue that you run a gambling product without sufficient oversight to prevent exploitation via fraud. That is illegal, at least in my country.