25.6 Known Issues

Hey all,

Patch 25.6 is now live! It brings Buddies back to Battlegrounds and sets the stage for Hearthstone’s next expansion, Festival of Legends! You can login now to get your free E.T.C., Band Manager Legendary card. Follow this post for information about known issues we’re tracking this patch.

The issues we’re tracking this patch include:

  • In Battlegrounds, Sire Denathrius and his Buddy are temporarily banned due to a bug. They are scheduled to return to the game in the next major patch.
  • [Resolved 3/15] We are tracking reports of disconnections in Battlegrounds since the new patch. We have temporarily banned Enhance-o Mechano and its Buddy while we investigate this issue. Update: This issue has been resolved and Enhance-o Mechano and its Buddy have been un-banned.
  • The team is aware that the new Hero Power animation for the Inzah Shaman hero skin is missing. It will be reconnected soon.
  • The team is investigating a visual bug with Hero Power animation for the Hedanis Priest hero skin.
  • The team is aware that sounds from other apps can no longer be played while playing on mobile. This was an intentional change made as a temporary solution to a bug with background sounds causing crashes. A permanent solution to the bug that also allows for other apps to play sounds is scheduled for a future patch.
  • [Added 3/14] The team is aware that E.T.C.'s Band can’t make it into the official Deck Builder. It’s an exclusive joint, but he’s working on getting them their credentials.
  • [Resolved 3/28] The team is aware of an issue where players who have completed all Daily and Weekly Quests, as well as all Battlegrounds Daily and Weekly Missions, AND all Event Quests are then unable to open the Journal and crash the game if they open the Battlegrounds Season Rewards interface. Leaving one Quest or Mission incomplete avoids this issue. We have a solution to this issue planned for an upcoming hotfix patch.
  • [Added 3/17] The team is aware that the Friend of a Friend Achievement is not tracking progress.
  • [Resolved 3/28] The team is aware of an issue with a Duels Hero Power not functioning as intended.
  • [Added 3/20] Ring of Tides (from Queen Azshara) can get stuck on the first spell played and not update as you play more spells.

Carried over from the 25.4 Known Issues Post:
Some players have reported crashing issues when using the Pixel 6. We are working on this issue. In the meantime, a player has identified a workaround that other players are reporting worked for them:

  • On your Pixel 6, go to Settings → Game Dashboard. In there, set “Use Game Dashboard” and “Game Dashboard Floating Icon” to “Enabled.”
  • Open Hearthstone and a Dashboard icon or an arrow will be visible, usually in the top right corner.
  • Tap that icon or arrow to open internal settings.
  • Change Optimization from “Standard” to “Battery Saver.”
  • Restart the client and check to make sure the setting has been saved. In that setting, the issue should be mitigated.

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We will continue to update this post as we get more information.


I’m sure this is related to every other issue on the EU servers atm but;

  • Unable to access the Journal (also not seeing the new Journal picture at all)
  • Game freezing up when clicking on “Season Rewards” in the Battlegrounds game mode.

I had none of these issues at the start of the patch but got them an hour later.

Also none of these issues are on the Americas server for me.

*Edit - Just opened up the game and it seems to be back to normal (these 2 issues at least)


Yup. same here.

Can’t access the Journal or the battleground battlepass thingy


I’m getting these much more generically. Across 3 or so different heroes I’ve gotten disconnected as soon as or shortly after a combat turn begins. A few seconds go by and I’m back in the lobby with the combat fully resolved. The last time it happened I was hung in the reconnect phase for a solid minute or two. I assume I was knocked out of the lobby as I was low on health, but I ended up having to force close the client.


Yeah, same. I’ve had it with ETC and Putricide so far. And with Brann, but only sometimes.

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Same issue for me. Was fine when first logged on but hour later journal locked and battlegrounds season rewards freezes client.


Same here, force closing will reconnect the first two times but if I try to force close and reload a 3rd time it just ends my game. It’s happening every other BG, if not every single one.


Can’t access the Journal (and the new journal picture) and the battleground season rewards. American server.


Reinstall the game don’t work to fix the Jornal and Battlegrounds issues


I’ve had disconnect issues with ETC Band guy, as well as several old heroes. It’s happening just acrossed the board.


[Mercenaries] Chiji Blazing Band equipment still doesn’t scale in Boss Rush. In the party management my Blazing Song reads +26 Heal Power, however in Boss Rush it reads and acts as +15 Heal Power.


I have been disconnected from battlegrounds constantly. It’s extremely annoying and this is the only app that I have played that always has bugs. Your updates aren’t even updates that should have bugs but for some reason this app is the king of bugs app


Constantly getting disconnected from battlegrounds games to the point that its making the game essentially unplayable


[Duels] Turalyon’s hero power, From Golden Light, is summoning two copies of a minion instead of 1. It is incredibly OP, please fix this soon!


I keep getting a Message “you were disconnected” as soon as combat start when we both have new characters and then as soon as combat would have been finished I get reconnected. At first thought it may have been my end so went through the 3 hour process of checking my end. I now seem to think it is the new patch and yes I even went as far as to uninstall reboot and reinstall it. … I love the game not a complaint just heads up others may have same issue I have not check Good night I will try again tomorrow.

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Totally broken. Season Rewards for BGs locks the game up. On Mobile and on Desktop, in BG after about 3 rounds, you end up in a chain disconnect/reconnecting that you have to hard quit for, and then restart only to end up with it again.


The game keeps disconnecting me for 10-15 seconds during each phase and whenever I do something (such as try and play a card or tier up) it lags as if there is a connection issue.


Just tried again. Still unplayable.


Looks like they must have fired most of the HS staff to pay for that ad partnership with KFC to advertise for Diablo 4. The “team” of 1 guy is “investigating” the insides of their eyelids. Just disable BGs until the issue is fixed this is ridiculous. Turns ending with 10 seconds still on the timer. Unable to buy/sell/roll/play cards with like 5 second delay. Disconnect at every stage of a round. Round start? DC. Round end? DC. Halfway through your turn and still playing minions? DC.