Auto-pause my media playback on launch?

New issue since last update on Android. I prefer to listen to podcasts or music while playing (instead of your dumb sound effects), but now it automatically pauses playback on launch or switching focus to HS.

At least make this optional. Very annoying. Stay out of my other apps, Blizzard… MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

It seems like their choices were “get complaints about crashes” or “get complaints about the solution” and they chose the latter.


Blizzard spaghetti chef: We don’t know how to fix this.
Blizzard manager: Then don’t. Whatever. IDC. LOL…
Blizzard customer support: People are complaining that we’re messing with their phones without permission.
Blizzard manager: What a bunch of Karens. LOL. Tell them it’s temporary or something.

you agreed to it when you downloaded the game and started playing it

if you dont like what you agree to, then do not agree to it, and dont play the game

That’s a dumb standard. Every EULA stipulates that the service provider isn’t responsible for anything bad that happens, because it’s written by their lawyers to cover their butts.

It’s up to the users to make noise when something goes wrong…or in your case to white knight and cheerlead for the company, I guess. You’re the “This is fine” dog. Your contribution to this discussion is entirely worthless and I’d pity you if I thought I’d remember or care that you exist tomorrow.

bro you seem pretty mad, its just a video game relax

youre not losing anything, its literally just a game