Hearthstone pauses background audio on mobile

Glad / annoying to see im not the only one with this issue. Fairly bs response from Blizzard. Hope the fix is soon as i wont be playing much with out it happening.

Keeping this thread alive till the issue is fixed. Important to make sure people don’t think it’s their fault/phone

Can we talk about how hard it is to get support from Blizzard? I shouldn’t have to creep forums to find out a simple answer. Anyways, i wont be playing until its fixed. I almost uninstalled the game thinking it was just blizzard being petty.

You can bypass this by using Bluetooth devices. Verified with my iPhone 12 Pro and AirPod pro.

Start the audio app and ensure it’s on the Home Screen player
Start hearthstone
Use the headphones to resume playing audio (do not use the homescreen)

In my case I can start SoundCloud and use the touch controller to resume playback. Using the on screen menu will pause playback.

Hope this helps and they fix this soon…


Well done thank you.

Just. Discovered this issue on iPad too.

I played music, took headphones out my ears, launched hearthstone, put headphones back in and music resumed. Good job thank you again

Hey all,

As most of you have already discovered this is an intentional change made by the Hearthstone developers, but they do plan to fix the issue in an upcoming patch.


In the meantime you should be able to un-pause your music after launching the Hearthstone app to continue listening while playing the game.

Unfortunately not. Can’t start spotify at all.

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In the meantime you should be able to un-pause your music after launching the Hearthstone app to continue listening while playing the game

This isn’t the case for me. I hit play on my podcast, and return to Hearthstone and the podcast pauses again. When in the hearthstone app, all other audio sources are immediately paused.

This is really annoying.


Same with Duckworth.

I can’t on Spotify on mobile then tab to Hearthstone. Can we at least get a timeline when the fix will happen?


Let me guess, this is upcoming update will be in “the near future”
Which means next year in blizzard language.
Or maybe a paytoplay feature?
You are pretty good at this lately.

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Hi I face the same issue. In the meantime, I see that the new extention containted some new game modes with music styles (electro, rock, etc.) and I wonder if that would be the origin of the problem. It is very problematic for me

This issue is horrible. LET THE APP CRASH! It’s preferable to music stopping and refusing to restart

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What a terrible “workaround” for such an obvious bug.
No, you cannot tab out of HS to un-pause (did u mean resume?) your music, because HS pauses the music again when you tab back to the game. It also mutes the game in case you wanted to listen to your music AND have HS audio running while you play.

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Hi jumping on to also say I can’t listen to music while I play so unfortunately I won’t be playing until this is fixed :frowning:

I haven’t played for 2 weeks since I’m always listening to audiobooks and it’s not worth it to stop to play hearthstone. I hope they fix this fast.

This cant be true. Lets make a patch to make them not be aible to listen to music Or podcasts while playing Hearthstone.

Great Job Blizzard!! Surely i will Pay the 80€ for upcoming expansions!

It must be a joke

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I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this on my iPad since the update.

Thankfully I found this post! I was trying to fix it, & was just beating my head against a wall.

Now I know its not just me! :pray:t3: Plus they had to disable the functionality to address a bug or exploit & will fix in next patch

Or for those who have an iWatch, (prob works with other smartwatches too) resume play there. Also works Xp

Blizzard is genius when it comes to make new monetization ideas. And we will fall for it.

But if there is a bug they fix it with another bug XD Oh, pardon, it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

Soooo anoying, I can’t really listem to the Hearthstone app for the 10th year. Give us background music back Please.

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Same isue I cant play music on Spotify this really takes a lot of fun out the game please fix!