Can't play my music in the background

same issue here. Blizzard please fix? thank you!


I am also having the same issue with Spotify and SiriusXM.


Me too! Super frustrating. I listen to audio books while I play and this new update has been super disappointing. :frowning:


Not being able to play my own music in the background makes me not want to play. Seems like a pretty obvious bug that should not have been missed. I wish I could play the last version so I didn’t have to deal with this nonsense. Not trying to be dramatic here either, but I’m literally not going to play now. I was super excited to get back on after about two months off. However, i am in bed next to my sleeping partner and headphones on, this completely ruins the experience and I am now going to play something else. #bummed #bug-report


Small indie company at work!


here is what i found in the bug report forums

so you can either play in silence, or not at all, which if they hadnt changed things, you wouldnt be playing anyway


Intentionally sabotaging peoples’ devices and their functionality. Hope they get sued into insolvency.

It’s one thing to patch your OWN app; it’s another to sabotage OTHER apps and keep them from working.

Make sure to post on the other apps websites, with screen caps of this post, let your elected officials know, and report actiblizz where you can for this illegal behavior.


What laws are being broken here?

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So, you’re saying it’s not illegal for their app to interfere with the operation of your other apps, and sabotage your device’s functionality?

Then there won’t be any problems if people make the app companies in question and their elected officials know about this.


I honestly have no idea. I am seriously just wondering if you had a law in mind. I assume that the terms and conditions of Hearthstone allow them to do what they did.


They can monitor for cheating programs, but nothing gives them carte blanche to interfere with other apps, and the functionality of your device.

Plus, no tos allows people to break the law. They can’t perform what amounts to a DOS on other apps on your device.

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Again, what law? Really, I didn’t expect you’d have an answer. You’re just someone who enjoys making other people waste time, and I wanted to make that clear for anyone reading this thread.

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From the author of:

I find it interesting you seem so against anyone bringing the blue’s post to the attention of the app makers in question, or any lawmakers from users from countries impacted.

Since you seem to think there’s no wrongdoing involved.

Clearly, anyone can make an app that shuts down other apps’ functionality, and the overall functionality of your device…and it’s 100% legal, according to you.

If this is true, then actiblizz and the will have zero problems having that post shown to the app makers in question as well as any lawmakers who might be interested into looking into this.


You seem to be unable to answer a simple question. what law is being broken? citation of the source for the basis of your claim.

If I am on youtube on my phone and i wish to also watch netflix at the same time, is it a law they are breaking by stopping youtube from being visible and heard and then netflix taking over the screen and audio? by your logic many apps are breaking your imaginary law.


Just an FYI. If you control the music app from your smart watch, you can by pass it and get the music to play. As soon as you exit out of hearthstone it will stop again. But I was able to play music while I worked out and played so I was happy. :joy:


Uh, except everyone was obviously playing fine prior to the “fix.” If they weren’t then people would probably understand the change.

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so you want them to undo 25.6?

lets just not move the game forward, great thinking

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Just because you were playing fine doesnt mean everyone was. The fix was to stop crashing of the game for people that had audio in the background causing a game crashing interaction. So while you might be … inconvenienced isnt the right word… annoyed… for a short while, you can still play the game. And so can everyone else including the people the game would crash on. It is being worked on to have a better solution than it has now, but the temporary fix is solving the immediate issue of the game crashing. The auxiliary issue of other apps background audio isnt a super important issue that needs immediate resolution. But they are working on a more elegant solution to appease the sensitive sensibilities of those that cant go without their music.

Also, with Android VLC media player, you can drop down the status bar and press play on there, but it pauses if you switch focus and then switch back to HS. It’s just annoying and unnecessary. Let players know that playing media in the background can cause stability issues and let us make our own choice.


Glad to know I’m not alone!
Also suffering through problems on my IPhone 12, cannot run obvious music programs in the background.

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