25.6 Known Issues

This. I don’t know how something like this is not in a test suite.


I am getting this regardless of the hero I play. Disconnections seem more frequent during endgame (4 or less remaining players). Not only disconnects during battle phase every turn, but game hangs on any annimation period (buying minions, playing minions, start and end of turn card mechanics, etc),

Battleground is unplayable at the moment. If you have no way of seeing the battle animation, then you have no way to know what your opponents are playing and how your build preforms.

Corpse Bride wasn’t updated in the official deckbuilder has the pre-buff version that caps at 8 corpses instead of 10.

The single player modes also crash. Im uncertain how this game is still so trash regarding patches

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ETC battlegrounds archvement “play 16 buddy” dont count, normal or golden buddy.

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The journal cant be opened for some reason.

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I don’t receive gold from rewards track (100+ level) since the 25.6 patch
Noticed today. Somebody noticed the same?

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How could you possibly release a piece of software on mobile knowing that it breaks system audio? This essentially makes the game unplayable. Shutting off my music is not a feature. Hire some new testers or a new decision maker.


Same. ASIA server, both android and windows, windows just doesn’t work on “Season Rewards” button. Maby I just didn’t choose reward at very start?

Lagging out/disconnecting in every single BG game. I doesn’t appear to have anything to do with Enhance-o Mechano, but rather a BG bug in general.

Relying to bump this and to add that it is still impossible to complete the Restless Reader achievement to Read 40 Lorebooks in the Book of Heroes: Faelin Solo Adventure. This has been broken since its release on June 1, 2022.


Battlegrounds is still bugged in mobile in addition to the other game modes. Something something small indie company.

Yo I’ve encountered an issue with Queen Ashara’s Ring of the Tides, where after copying a few spells, it’ll get stuck and no longer switches to the next spell. Instead, whenever you cast a spell, it’ll play the animation for changing spell a bunch of times and then go back to the spell it got stuck on.


Ñy journal doesn’t work and I canj’t access the new event :weary:. Europe server.

Same here, but the problem exists now on

“* The team is aware that sounds from other apps can no longer be played while playing on mobile. This was an intentional change made as a temporary solution to a bug with background sounds causing crashes. A permanent solution to the bug that also allows for other apps to play sounds is scheduled for a future patch.“

That’s a bummer. I’ve been a regular player since the start, but not being able to listen to music or podcasts on mobile while I play is an absolute deal breaker for me. Looking forward to the patch, but I won’t be playing until then.


EU-Server - Journal wont open.

Would love to see “The team is aware of an issue concerning the journal”.
At least there is hope as it’s not me alone, who encountered this bug.

I have the same issue.

Later patch as in when the next expansion launches? So a month with this issue? How is this acceptable?


can you please fix TURALYON in Duels, his hero power is broken and summons 2 minions instead of 1.