23.0 Known Issues

Hey all,

Patch 23.0 is a big one, bringing with it the new Voyage to the Sunken City expansion, the Core Set update, and the next Hearthstone Year! There’s a lot going on, so follow this post for information about known issues in Patch 23.0.


Patch 23.0 will be shipping with a few known issues:

  • [Resolved 4/6]: The Sunken City Warlock collection achievement will be based off the wrong set’s cards at launch, so it might show progression (or even completion) before the expansion even launches. This will not impact the collection achievements that give diamond/coin rewards, as those are tracked in a different way. This will be resolved via hotfix shortly after the patch goes live.

  • Three cards being added to the Core set in this year’s update (Bronze Explorer, Darius Crowley, and Wrathscale Naga) will show in your collection at the when Patch 23.0 goes live (April 5), instead of at the Core Set update (April 12). This is a visual-only bug. Those cards will not be playable as part of the Core until all the Core updates are live.

  • The graphic on the Mercenaries daily Fighting Pit rewards chest will be a bit more colorful than intended. This will be corrected in a future update.

  • [Added 4/7]: Players affected by the blank celebration image after completing all Book of Mercenaries content (a bug in Patch 22.6) have now been awarded the intended Golden Standard Pack. The underlying issue was resolved in Patch 23.0, so going forward players will be awarded the Pack upon completing all the content.


Post-launch issues:

  • [Resolved 4/5]: The team is aware that completing the Mi’da Bounty in Patch 23.0 caused a crash that locked players out of the Mercenaries Game Mode. The team temporarily disabled the Bounty while that issue was resolved. The team is in the process of rolling out an emergency hotfix that will fix the issue and turn the Mi’da Bounty back on.
  • [Resolved 4/8]: The team is aware that the Diamond Loatheb card—a reward for owning a complete Curse of Naxxramas collection—is not claimable by players who already owned the entire Curse of Naxxramas set prior to this patch going live. The team is working on resolving this issue.
  • [Added 4/5]: The team is aware that the conversion from the Honor Track to an Achievement gave players a celebration for each phase of the Honor Track they had already completed during the battle for Alterac Valley. This is a visual-only bug.
  • [Resolved 4/8]: The team is aware that Kurtrus, Demon-Render (the hero card) is scaling the summoned demons incorrectly. A fix to this bug is expected in a hotfix planned for later this week.
  • [Resolved 4/12]: Some players reported getting stuck on the “expansion now live” pop-up. For players stuck in that screen, restarting the client (sometimes a few times) will get them un-stuck. The team has disabled the pop-up to avoid further issues.
  • [Resolved 4/12]: Players in certain regions reported that their shops did not update with the new products (including, notably, the Voyage to the Sunken City packs). Those stores have since restarted and the products are now live for all regions.
  • [Added 4/12]: The team is investigating reports of players getting stuck after purchasing the Tavern Pass.
  • [Resolved 4/14]: The team is investigating reports that Classic decks were converted to Wild upon the Standard Wild rotation.
  • [Resolved 4/14]: The team is aware that Murky’s Mercenaries Tasks are not following the new system of automatically rolling from one to the next. This should be fixed in an upcoming hotfix.
  • [Added 4/12]: The team is aware that the “are you sure” pop-up when disenchanting cards so that you have less than can be played in a deck is currently not functioning. PLEASE BE CAREFUL WHEN DISENCHANTING YOUR CARDS TODAY. This issue will be resolved in a future patch.
  • [Resolved 4/21]: The team is investigating reports that dual-class Duels decks created before Voyage to the Sunken City launched became invalidated after the launch.
  • [Resolved 4/14]: The team is investigating reports of new Core cards missing from Duels and Arena.
  • [Added 4/13]: The team is investigating reports of shop issues on Android devices.
  • [Partially resolved 4/21]: The team is investigating reports that Lokholar is not being granted in the New and Returning Player Decks that include it (Paladin and Warlock).
  • [Added 4/18]: The team is aware that Lady S’Theno is incorrectly counting Health + Armor when deciding which is the lowest Health enemy to attack.
  • [Added 4/18]: The team is aware of certain cards causing disconnects. This issue will be resolved in an upcoming patch.
  • [Added 4/18]: The team is aware that some players are seeing their Mercenaries’ Team Portraits appear to revert to the base Portraits outside of combat. This is a visual-only bug that will be resolved in a future patch. In the meantime, you can ignore that Portrait reversion and the Portraits will appear correctly in combat.
  • [Added 4/27]: The team is aware that the Duels Treasure “Academic Research” has no effect after the most recent patch.
  • [Added 4/27]: The team is aware that “Bazaar Bob” can appear during Duels runs. The team is investigating this bug.


4/8 Update:
Today we released a hotfix patch (Patch 23.0.1) with bug fixes and balance changes Standard, Battlegrounds, and Duels. You can find the details of that patch on its own dedicated post, here.


4/14 Update:
Today we released a hotfix patch (Patch 23.0.2) to address some bugs after the launch of Voyage to the Sunken City. You can find the details of that patch on its own dedicated post, here.


4/21 Update:
We’re currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix with the following updates:

  • Fixes the bug that prevented Lokholar from being granted in new/returning player decks. Players who already claimed new/returning player decks that were supposed to include Lokholar, and have not already earned Lokholar, will have the card added to their collections in a future update.
  • Fixes a bug that allowed Barbed Nets to trigger two ticks of the Hunter Questline under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes a bug where Multi-Strike would prevent a player from attacking the enemy hero with Kurtrus, Demon-Render.
  • Fixes a bug causing certain Duels players to get stuck when trying to enter the mode.
  • Bans Golakka Glutton from Arena deckbuilding.

We will continue to track Patch 23.0 and update this post when we have new information to share.


Thanks for updating “recently completed achievments”, I guess, but still no award for finishing all 10 Books of Mercenaries (the gold pack, presumably?). So the promised “later time” is at April 12?

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After the patch, but no specific date planned. Should be soon, but you’ll understand that the devs are pretty busy today.

Edit: Just went live!


Understandable. Thanks for the quick response!


Achievement Diamond Loatheb?

When trippeling on battlegrounds on Silas on a minion that has a ticket you don’t get the reward from the ticket, it just glows that it has a ticket on your side of the board when you play it.


The Improved Emergency Maneuvers was available for my opponen Beststalker Tavish to discover in Wild.

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CATASTROPHIC: After completing Task 49 (Heroic Mi’da) and returning to the Mercenaries main screen, nothing is clickable. Mercenaries Mode is unusable. Upon entering Mercenaries, the game freezes and doesn’t respond. A restart does not repair this, neither does the repair function with the client. Every other mode works . Multiple reports of this bug.


Not sure if this is related specifically to the new patch, although this store issue I haven’t seen prior to the wording on the Long’xin Mercenaries bundle that appeared after this patch went live.

I purchased the Long’xin Bundle in the Mercenaries shop which in the fine print states that if you own the base portrait already you will receive a portrait you don’t already own. I owned all Long’xin portraits (base and goldens) except the diamond portrait. Purchasing the bundle granted me the base portrait in the pop-up rather than the diamond portrait. I have closed the app and reopened multiple times in case it was a visual bug or something, but I still don’t have the diamond Long’xin portrait.

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I can’t even enter the Heroic Mi’da map since it says “menu failed to load” and pulls me out of mercenaries after freezing for a bit.

Would be nice if I could complete it once at least, like you said “After completing.”

Edit: Nvm, so I shouldn’t even attempt it since it might screw up other things.

Is there a way to complete the “For the Frostwoves!” and “Battlefield Master” achievements to obtain Golden Vanndar and the skin for the people who didn’t during the Honor Track Event?? The achievement says “gain 7200 honor with Drek’Thar in your deck” but there is no honor anymore, so am I missing something or it’s bugged?


Please fix campaign, holy smite, last mirror match on tests subject please as cause’s inability to complete…

Here let’s add even more content to a platform that can’t even sustain itself. I like how there’s so many issues with hearthstone connections and graphics overhaul for a stupid turn based game that runs harder than an FPS shooter multiplayer. I thought after XBOX buying BLIZZARD would help change the known issues for 8 years running this game and disconnecting from 1/10 games and losing and never getting any support or fixes for this whole time Hearthstone has been live for like forever! Please stop what you are doing and fix this game. Stop adding things to it.

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well, i hope i’m at the right topic
i found a bug or even an exploit at mercenaries. got my hero tasks and after i finished them, i got my rewards, but the heroes didn’t go. they were still in the campfire and they gave you the next task.

The tavish in the tavern quest is bugged, It keeps disappearing. I did the first mission then it was gone. I logged in my phone and the second mission was there, then I did it and its gone too

I’m wondering if the non fix is a marketing tool to try to stop people gaining in currency and packs making it pay to play…

Something is broken with Kurtrus Demon Render’s battlecry minions - I just had an opponent summon 2x 18/4 on turn 8. Based on my understanding of the minion, that shouldn’t be possible.

I think the minions are inheriting the hero’s attack instead of gaining +1, but I haven’t been able to confirm.

I had a very similar thing happen to me where my opponent coined out Kurtrus, Demon-Render on turn 5 and got 2x 11/4s.

My opponent had only attacked for a total of 4 damage up to that point, so it doesn’t seem like the bugged attack stats were based off of how much they had attacked for or their weapon since they only had a 1 attack weapon, the Tuskpiercer, equiped. They also didn’t use any spells to increase their attack power up to that point. They only really used their normal Demon Hunter hero power and 1x Tuskpiercer. Very strange indeed.

The “Good Stuff” card that grants 2+ health to all minions in Bob’s Tavern for the rest of the game in the Battlegrounds is currently broken, each refresh loads the minions in individually, grants the 2+ health, then loads in the next minion, which after turn 8 or so means you cannot refresh your tavern as you run out of time waiting for all the minions to load in

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