Patch 23.0.2 Patch Notes

We are currently in the process of rolling out a server-side hotfix patch that makes the following updates:

• [EDITED*]: Sphere of Sapience has been banned in Duels and Casual due to a disconnect bug it caused. The card will be unbanned once the bug has been addressed.
• Speeds up the rate that minions that have been buffed “for the rest of game” appear in Bob’s Tavern.
• Fixes a bug causing crashes in Mercenaries.
• Fixes a bug causing Murky’s Tasks to not automatically update as intended under the new Task system.
• Fixes a bug where Wildfire could be added to your Duels deck after it was intended to be banned in Patch 23.0.1.
• Fixes a bug that converted Classic Decks to Wild after the Core Set update.
• Fixes a bug causing Paid Reward Track Battlegrounds Cosmetics to be removed from accounts if the player got a refund for an unrelated product purchase.

*EDIT: The Sphere of Sapience Wild ban did not display as intended, resulting in player confusion as to why their deck was having error when trying to queue in Wild. To avoid further frustration and game errors, we are undoing the Wild Sphere of Sapience ban at this time as we continue to explore solutions.

Update: All players who were affected by the bug causing Paid Reward Track Cosmetics to be removed due to unrelated product refunds have now had their cosmetics that were erroneously removed restored.


Thanks for all the clear communications on issues. Obviously having them is frustrating, but it is really nice knowing you guys know it too and are working on it.


Wow I got so scared, I just bought the twig and sphere 10 hours ago, was always unsure if I should get it and finally did, played one game and it was AWESOME! Then the next game I saw it’s banned :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

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• Fixes a bug that converted Classic Decks to Wild after the Core Set update.

Hope you can fix Classic deck building as well, because that’s impossible as well


:eyes: Looking for the nerfs :eyes:


My classic decks are still converted to Wild and I’m unable to change them back. I’m also unable to craft a classic deck as a work-around. Nothing has been fixed as far as I can tell.
Edit: It looks like I can create classic decks now. The previous classic decks I had are still locked into Wild and unable to be converted.

Thanks for good job here :slight_smile: I got this bug with losing all 8 skins from AV and bartender Alterac Bob with refund for unrelated product purchase :+1::gift:

Three different patches running at once: 23.01, 23.02, and still running 17…all according to the forum stickies. At what point does the game become an unusable mess?

I am so bored.Not balanced agro decks.What do you think juggernaut pirate warior balanced ? %69 win rate deck ? ? when nerf this?
for hours struggling create decks and combinasyons.40w/40L
but that’s all.But not balanced agro decks.

I was watching a streamer and he was complaining about one bug, so i did my research:

If you play the hunter quest ‘Defend the dwarven district’ (spell damage one), and you play Raj Naz’jan (maybe any naga) + Barbet Nets (to the face in this case) , the quest count 3 spells that did damage, instead of one.

If someone wants to see the clip is in the video
3h 28m 35s

How long will this one stay up and the new patch not be stickied?