Starcraft 2 announces maintenance mode, Diablo 3 next?

Don’t expect any major balance patch notes to D2 LoD ever. All you could get is what I posted in my stupid suggestions, that you obviously skipped and haven’t read, cause you’re so hardheaded on thinking that anyone would like to see changes made to D2 LoD similar to those made in D3 were they put everything upside down many times already…

No one with any few remaining brain cells left would want that neither for D2 LoD, Starcraft or any other Blizz games…

D2 LoD doesn’t need ANY balance patches. My stupid suggestions would be more than enough…

No one needs any changes to either unique or runewords in D2 LoD, simply few QoL additions, which you clearly don’t get at all, cause you’re so obsessed with making EVERYTHING balanced and equal and guess what that will never gonna happen, not in D2 LoD, not in D3 RoS not even when D4 comes out, no matter how much you’d want that…

So don’t tell me how I don’t track the convesation or start with how you’d have to start farming again for items that you already have, cause changes are not retroactive…

D2 LoD DOESN’T NEED Any balance changes to existing items AT ALL only QoL changes, but you won’t get that anyway…

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WoW, who’s talking. The guy, who can’t follow the thread.
Your response is yet again inadequate.
I am also curious whether or not you’re liking your own post with an alt account, as no one would like it if they saw the overall context.

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How did this OP go from Starcraft 2 announces maintenance mode, Diablo 3 next?
To all of this nonsense about D2 LoD? Bring on D4 already.


The fault is mine. Started with this post:

The basic thesis is, that D3 should have been in maintenance by now, if Blizzard had done their job balancing… yet they still haven’t balanced the sets…

I also said, that the mere fact, that D3 still receives balance changes 8 years after release is yet another thing, that makes it inconsistent with the previous games.

Then, for some reason, posters can’t wrap their heads around what I said, so they respond with nonsense.


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It has been stressed that they can’t do that because it leads to you being able to cheese the crap out of mobs by sniping them outside of their aggro range, due to the way the game logic is bound by the screen res. It’s the reason why all the respectable mods with online multiplayer don’t really try to increase the resolution too much (I think the one that does it the most is Median XL, doing 1024x768, and that one is basically a different game).

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Oh really? No one would like it you say: :roll_eyes:

Now please go ahead and tell me how I’m liking my own posts with alt accounts… :roll_eyes:

I wonder if you ever made any suggestions to improve D3 RoS at all…

At least I have the guts to admit that I haven’t played Starcraft at all, so I’m not gonna get involved with any conversation nor make any suggestions for this game if I don’t know the game at all…

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Yeah, you continue to be inadequate. I never said nobody likes your posts in general.
I said about specific posts in response to me, that are nonsensical.

Just because of the posts you actually deserve a gold medal.
no idea why you invite yourself to trash talk with the thing. leads to nothing.
I read so many good articles from 2019-2020 … seriously …
if dev wanted or could, it would already be in the game. therefore it will not be anything in the future either. especially now.


Does he really?

Because I don’t think it’s an incredible achievement or anything groundbreaking to score some likes by going on a forum and saying “rend should not be nerfed” and getting likes by all the Barbs who agree with him, that rend should not be nerfed… on a forum, where you can’t get dislikes…

Meanwhile, some actual thought and analysis… nobody cares.
The guy can’t follow a freaking conversation from one post to the next, can’t understand how something relates to the overall topic, but deserves a medal… right…

To this day I wish they woulda went with a SC MMO like WoW…I was ALWAYS more of a fan of the Starcraft universe over the Warcraft universe…god that woulda been effin sweet to play a zerg hydra or something … traveling to different planets, etc etc… even an Arpg of that universe woulda been great over another RTS…

RTS started to falter a lot when MOBA’s hit the scene and to be honest I was a HUGE RTS fan back in the day, but converted to MOBA’s during WC3 Dota and then LoL … although we can ALWAYS give thanks to OG Starcraft for birthing esports way back in the day even though it wasn’t widely known back then and the tech to show it off on a massive scale wasn’t developed yet as well.

Buzz off. This is a discussion forum. If you don’t like speculation, just ignore my comment. No need to be triggered and rude.

I like speculations, that is why Rhykker keeps me entertained. The closer we get to something the better the speculations become, love it.

That would be a far greater appealing game that the old world of diablocraft wishes being tossed about. I imagine it to be something like Tabula Rasa and Planetside with the Starcarft lore, world building, and aesthetics, topped off with Blizzards command of how MMOs should feel from a players end.

Unless they are completely abandoning the SC IP, why would the announce it going into maintenance mode? I almost can guarantee an virtual Blizzcon announcement.

I wonder if the D4 Blizzconline speculations will start in January. I will start right now, 4th class will be announced. More world and lore as well as updates on system and features.

we have been in maintenance mode for many years

I gave it a like but I wouldn’t defend this one. I mean it’s a bad choice for design, sure but it still can be made into useful utility with a few tweaks.
For example, blocking/dodging and some close combat classes might consume stamina when casting their certain (Charge of Paladin, Leap/Leap and Attack of Barbarian) skills. This can be a good way to balance a few PvP specs too.

I wouldn’t call this balanced either.

I don’t know about this one. Quivers in D3 provide you an endless amount of bolts and arrows while in D2 they require some upkeep. Also quiver of bolts and arrows in D2, transmute to each other for creating a small item sink so drop rates maybe tweaked lower.

This whole thread isn’t about DIABLO in the DIABLO forums, so if anything this entire thread could be flagged for SPAM. Or do you think this is REDIT or something? - might as well talk about Cyber Punk 2077 that comes out in November according to you’re logic/

OK. I hate games with stupid, rudimentary gameplay.
It’s true for Cyber Punk, it’s also somewhat true for the Diablo franchise.

Diablo has always been a trade simulator with stupid gameplay. I think it’s the basic gameplay that needs to be spiced up.

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I have said this at least twice before.

Diablo III was declared Classic Game status. Theoretically, they can go into maintenance mode anytime they wish.
I did suggest on a few heated forums that if people wished to give them crap, they are well within their status rights to only do maintenance.
I am grateful they are still upgrading it. I think you won’t see it go into maintenance mode until D4 is well and truly released though.