[REPORT] Extended screen range

Dear Blizzard,

This is just a warning about some potential game breaking issue regarding unlimited Screen size/range (from Ultra Wide but not necessary).

The problem isn’t Ultra Wide support, it’s amazing. But it’s the extended range it gives and how people can abuse it since it is UNLIMITED.

Here some videos :




It’s clean and beautiful. But the screen and range it gives is ridiculous and may affect gameplay in both PvM and PvP.

Let me explain.

Effect in PvM with such screen range :

  • You can reach everything faster

  • You can see monsters while other people won’t and avoid them.

  • You could see items droping while other people won’t.

Ex : You could go to Chaos Sanctuary from wp in like 4-5 teleports while other people will need 6-7 teleports ?

Just examples.

The effect in PvP is way more important :

  • You can reach your opponent in 2 teleports when he needs 3-4.
    It means you are way faster than him

  • You can namelock your opponent (because he is on your screen) while he can’t see you / namelock you.

  • You can go away from a risky situation and nobody will be able to follow you if they don’t have the same screen range.

  • You can avoid hits from teeth (nec), multishot (bowa) while other players can’t.

In case, it’s not clear enought :


This is just examples of situations where uncapped extended screen range could give an unfair advantage.

I’m sure something can be done like setting a maximum extended screen range ?

Some ideas from D2 community (just ideas) :

  • Locking mousse and adds a “fog of war” ?
  • Locking screen / add bars :
  • Wide screen zoomed no extra range (probably best option) :

The point of this post is just to warn and make the game better and fair for everyone, because D2 is a masterpiece so will be D2R.

The game already looks amazing by the way.




If that isnt fixed it will be a disaster for both scene pvm and pvp.
It will end on a pay2win game and only ppl who can afford 2k $ monitor will enjoy the game.
This will kill the game .
Good that alpha test was there to test and fix eveything the game as is it is perfect execpt that feature wich will instant kill the game


I’ll be playing D2R on my 65in Widescreen TV. but it was only $600 from wal-mart. :clown_face:


The dont fix that, because that is not a problem. Get a 21:9 Monitor, it is better for the most of games. Really, dont cry about something like that.

Gamebreaking because game supports 21:9? WTF guys, what is wrong with you.


It’s not crying - it is actual a big problem, if choosing a monitor that is ultrawide, would give players an advantage over other players.
Think about it once more, in PVP, you think you’re safe because you cannot see the other player, but since he is using a ultrawide monitor, he can see you and target you.


That IS crying, because mostly all ARPGs like Diablo supports 21:9. Sorry, that is only crying. Every new year more and more games support 21:9, deal with that. Blizzard support that since diablo 3, too. And it will be in D2RE, lets bet.


How it feels for you to be able to see something others can’t ? A monitor should not give you an unfair advantage.

This isn’t crying. You are selfish or blind if you can’t get it.

And your reply is “go buy a 21:9 monitor” lol, like seriously ?


It feels good man. I play most of my games in 21:9. I mean, you cant change that, 21:9 will be in D2RE, that is sure. It is 2021 guys.

And yeah, buy a 21:9 Monitor. I dont mean that only for diablo 2RE, 21:9 is sooooo much better as 16:9 when a game supports that. And thoose Monitors are not really expensive. for 500-700 Bucks you can buy a 21:9 monitor.
I see the point that 21:9 users sees enemys before 16:9 and stuff like that. But you cant change it so you have to deal with that. sorry guys.


Because of madness like that Starcraft 2 does not support ultrawide today. Please Stop. People complain about everything.


Starcraft 2 is a other point. Starcraft 2 is a “competive” game with tournaments and stuff like that. Diablo 2 not. I mean i know much old D2 players like me and nobody has problems with 21:9 in D2RE.


Diablo 2 is competitive and has tournaments hosted on Discords + D2JSP and this for 15+years (for jsp)


Maybe when 4k UW monitors becomes more readily available, not before. As in XXXX x 2160.

Lol. That isnt really competive my friend. That is just for fun, nothing like real competive like Starcraft 2 and games like that. Ultrawide ist one of the best changes for Diablo 2 RE.


CS Go, Battlefield, DOTA2, League of Legends, FIFA, Age of Empires II DE and so on… all have ultrawide support…


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A maximum has to be set.
I like the wider screen but come on eveything has limits.

You need to understand the imbalance it can makes in PvP if every players has different screen range.

My point isn’t ultrawide support in fact, it is screen range.


(post deleted by author)


I don’t know for the other games, but for LoL they sure have ultra wide support as you say, but it doesn’t give extended range anymore. They just scale it differently because it was an unfair advantage. Imo that is how they should do it in D2R too.


In which world a ultra wide monitor costs 2k? Wtf, I buy mine for 700 Euros.

And yeah, I am a old D2 player and love that game, many of my friends too. But we alle have the same point: ultra wide is very good.

The ONLY point I give you is the pvp aspect. But pvm? Lol? Really?

When you don’t like that you can play original Diablo 2. Where is the problem?

And what is with thoose guys which played the old in 4:3? For thoose guys even 16:9 is a “cheat”, too.


Since this forum is 95% of pvmers…

Ultra wide is awesome, good, nice, cool. The extended range is not. That was my point, that’s all.