The Magic Damage Reduced (MDR) bug in PvP

This topic is being posted in an attempt for the developers to fix a known bug in the game, known as the MDR bug (in PvP).

Example: The opponent is using String of Ears and + Vipermagi for a total of 28 MDR

You are an amazon and use the skill Guided Arrow. Your guided arrow does say 1000 physical damage.

You are using cow kings and have 25-35 fire damage
You are using x2 Stones of Jordan and have 2x 1-12 lightning damage (2-24)
You have a charm in your inventory which has 1-2 cold damage.

Physical damage without elemental damage would be reduced to 166.66 damage or 166.
Now, with the mdr bug:

28*6=168 elemental damage needed to just equal mdr.
We’ll assume highest elemental damage rolls
168-35(fire damage)=133 screen damage left
168-24(light damage)=144 screen damage left
168-2(cold damage)=166 screen damage left

mdr effects all separately, and will take away from physical damage after it runs out of ele damage.

1000-133(fire)-144(light)-166(cold)=557 screen
557/6=92.833 pvp damage.

So with three sources of elemental damage:
166 pvp damage becomes 92 pvp damage (the bug)

Therefore, the ask is to cap MDR at the elemental damage and for it not to take away from the physical damage after it runs out of elemental damage check on the basis that having more damage should not equate to doing less damage.

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Hey Ferdia,

no word about poison dmg in your equation. Is poison also affected by this bug?