Blizzard lying to people

No one is arguing that they did. You other post things no one argues, deflect or often both

The difference is when other companies do this they don’t get applauded for doing the right thing

Maybe we use a different calendar. Mid year to me is June.
Best guess for Ladder will be late April.

Think it’s less of a lie and a more of you just wanting to be angry about something.

i truly hope you never get diabetes with this logic you will test your blood sugar see that it is in the normal range and then put yourself in a coma or even die because you go on a sugar bender thinking you are cured because you don’t show constant symptoms.

yeah because thats even remotely like whats going on here

Blizzard did not lie. Here are multiple posts that have tried to explain this to you or others.


You’d probably have better luck reciting sonnets to a brick, and the brick understanding, maybe even wanting a hug afterwards…


So you quoted a lot that were made in October when the delay was thought to be a month or two not 6.

Was ladder released shortly after launch? No

Was ladder released with the server fixes? No

Was ladder released once things settled down? No.

Tell me again how they didn’t lie?

Do you genuinely believe they lived up to those tweets? It’s one thing to be ok with the delays but it’s another to think they actually Met the expectations they set (not me)

Furthermore, half of what you quoted don’t even realize what Shortly after referred to. It’s not my fault that they don’t know English and apparently neither do you since you found them worth quoting

And then there is dark. Posts often. Upset I don’t agree with him but won’t even respond t the arguments showing the flaws in his but makes sure to say I’m blocked. Who tells someone they are blocked and keeps posting. A child.

Alot of these quotes are from the last few weeks and I could quote 10+ more in that timeframe if you want. Instead of claiming everyone else does not understand English, consider the fact that you are mistaken.


I’ve made analogies to show clearly what shortly after refers to. No one has shown a flaw in the analogy or even tried to claim one. They deflect or disappear. So I’m not going to think I’m wrong when not one person even attempts to refute it. If anything I am confirmed in my belief when there are no counters to the analogy. The amount of deflections also lends itself to support my claim they are wrong.

I’m not saying timing of the posts is all that matters but the green posts are old and the more recent ones ignore what the tweets actually said or rewrite history

Due to servers constantly collapsing and temporary fixes in place until properly dealt with (queues, rate limiting).

Server fix was placed in PTR. We are not officially out of PTR phase yet, as they decided to run multiple back to back PTRs to ensure smoothest possible release of both the server fixes, and ladder launch, which will be shortly after 2.4 live to catch any last minute issues. Due to the length of delay because of server issues, they decided to go ahead and update the game before ladder launch, since this was most likely their plan to update after first season.

See above. The servers only “settled” down due to frustrated players leaving and temporary measures in place to prevent the issues from constantly collapsing the system. People would have had Blizz’s head on a pike if they had to deal with massive queues and rate limiting in ladder launch.

At this point, Blizzard will never make you happy. Might as well move on. However, no gaming company is without flaw in this department. Look at what happened with Square-Enix and Endwalker launch. Servers were JAM PACKED due to insane popularity hype and mass exodus from WoW, and due to the shortages, they were unable to secure the chips to properly open new server clusters. On top of the fact, there was a bug that was kicking players out of queues and you had to baby the queue to reconnect in time to keep your place.


I’m not asking for excuses why. Just simply did the or didn’t they. I have no issue with people being ok with delays and giving reasons. That doesn’t change whether or not they lined up to the tweets. Your attempt to explain why further shows they didn’t otherwise you’d Kati say yes they did. Maybe you don’t get the argument.

How about this analogy?

Ladder will not start at D2R launch but after the game is stable.

Ladder will not start at D2R launch but once the game is stable.

Are these the same?

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No they are not the same

Just as a refresher this whole debate started Because micro said I am a liar when I said blizzard said ladder shortly after launch. So If you don’t disagree with that they said that then we don’t disagree on the issue here

Says you amd a few others… Just play the game with Sigons set and 1 arm tied behind your back… if its still to easy then get someone to surprise slap you every now and again while you play or something. Problem solved the difficulty has been increased for you.

Rather Blizzard lie then abandon the game and go in a direction that nobody wants. In this case at least they seem to have the major vote in doing so.


True but both require the game to be stable before ladder so you are making a mountain out of a mole hill.

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It’s not me. It’s micro. He said I’m a liar for claiming they said shortly after launch

All you are doing, is trying to spread negativity. Blizzard never lied. They are probably as upset as the community that they couldn’t get ladder going after launch. Then due to when the game launched, you had a bunch of holidays where employees had time off while the issues were being worked on. Is it frustrating? Of course. Can you do anything about it? Not really, unless you can snap your fingers together and bring everything in line, but since you are whining about it on a forum, I highly doubt you have that capability.


Please quote. I do not recall any post where that was said.

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