Call of Duty Modern Warfare - Unexpectedly Large Patch (March 27, 2020)

Hey there everybody,

In order to separate out the issues we’ve seen today with Modern Warfare installations, we’re making multiple threads to direct players to. We’re tracking three different issues at this time.

  1. Game installations are larger than expected (Up to 171 GB) <- You are at this thread
  2. Slow or stuck game downloads
  3. BLZBNTAGT00000840 or BLZBNTAGT000008A4 errors

If you’re having one of the other issues, please visit the other thread.

For the large download issue, it appears that the game client has become damaged or unrecognizeable for some reason, and is having to be reinstalled for some players. Of note - a 20 GB patch is normal for this update. Players who are having large download problems are having installs of 80 or 171 GB due to the game fully reinstalling itself.

Edit: Previously this topic requested log files to be emailed to us, but thanks to the response of players here, and we used them to patch the client. At this time, we believe the issue to be resolved. Follow these steps to pick up the fix.

Sorry this got in the way of you getting in game and enjoying the evening, but thanks to everybody who reported this issue.


Already sent my logs, and your email servers rejected it because the file was too large… 1,6MB…


I can’t even send mine. It’s literally 908kb but apparently, it’s too large.

Well done, guys.


Yes, thank you a lot for pushing out and update which “damaged” my 160gb of files, because everyone on this planet apparently has access to a great speed internet.

Next time you small indie company should do some more testing before spewing your AAA QUALITY on me.


So how exactly am I supposed to play the product I paid for now? Not everyone has unlimited internet , and some people like me cannot download an 175gb update while I have the game files on my pc? This is crazy. We should be able to get a refund for this joke of a game. This game has turned into a frozen 50$ that I cant do anything with.



When I tried updating my game, it prompt me to download 171 gigs instead. That is simply unacceptable as I don’t even have that much data to waste.

I tried sending you guys my log files using LogGoblin, but I instead got an automated response stating that my email was too large.

The log files are only 908kb.



What is happen with COD ? why after error , than scanning files games later the files asking redownload full size games ? even I already download full complete COD games and playable

is there any bugs or app crash ?


Hello everyone, even the problem myself. Starting battlenet and instead of downloading only the update, a 172 GB download has started


I think there an Error with the update setting

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i have the same problem, but someone tell us what we need to do, stop or let him finish?!


Same problem… Got a calm 83gb update today and i played last night


I also have this issue, played yesterday and now i’ve got a 172 GB update


i also have the issue, 170 gb update and i played yesterday.

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same problem for me, played all night long, and now 172gb update… and very slow bandwidth… It will takes some days to finish…

I have the same issue, I was playing yesterday and now i have to dl a 172 GB update…

Same problem for me, i play at yesterday, and i have a 78gb patch download…

Just reinstalled the PC + game itself. Atleast i tried it :smiley: Stuck at 0%. Tried the region change, not working at all

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Same issue, instead of 11gb update I have a 172gb to download both games again! on slow broadband! Please fix this issue asap.

Same issue here. I have to download 171 GB on a very poor download speed.
I just played the game yesterday.


Same here downloading 171 GB on a very poor speed.