Zandalari Still not Nerfed

And you ignore the contradiction because it doesn’t suit your narrative.

About as transparent as it gets, really. Look at the numbers. It’s less than two percent.

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What evidence is there that alliance racials are better?? www wowprogress com here’s the proof they aren’t.


Try October 14th, 2008 when Wrath was released.

Google is your friend. Took me 30 seconds to find out.
We had to put up with that crap through all of vanilla and the burning crusade.


Right? It was clear that, that’s the kind of person we’re dealing with here. The kind that argues with emotions and feelings instead of factual evidence.

If alliance racials were better method would of faction changed to get the best possible advantage they could.


I’ve been following this subject quite closely throughout this PTR.

While I don’t think you’re going to see changes in the very next PTR build (coming … you know – “Soon”), I do think you’re going to see some further tuning in a PTR build after that.

I would usually move a thread like this one over to the PTR forum, but I think I’ll leave it here with this: As soon as I know exactly what’s been changed for testing, I’ll post about it in the PTR forum.


Factual evidence? Check the mythic leaderboards and the mythic+ leaderboards on raiderIO.

That’s your racial “superiority” at work. Just a sea of blue /s


Thankyou Kaivax. I look forward to the nerfs (I hope they’re nerfs. If ZTrolls get buffed I’m going to flip my desk)


And EMFH didn’t get nerfed until Legion.

So that’s 2 xpacks for EMFH and 6 for EMFH? Math is hard.

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If Alliance is so bad, quit whining and faction change. There are ally guilds downing content, but there is a lot whining over here, even in trivial content. Maybe that’s why peeps go horde, dunno.

Racials don’t have enough effect(especially unreleased racials) to get this excited about. They can nerf my racials, not abandoning my DI.


Thanks you for finally doing something about horde racials. Could do a little more to fix faction balance in raiding but this is a start.


Right? I have tons of ally friends who are better geared than most of the people I know who play horde.

But I guess you could attribute that to them getting free gear. Real horde bias. :roll_eyes:


EMFH never invalidated an entire class. It was just overall annoying (and broken. Not going to argue that point).

But your original claim was that the horde never had a racial that invalidated an entire spec, when you actually had one that invalided an entire class.

Just because EMFH was broken doesn’t mean WotF wasn’t.


Your right it never invalidated an entire class. It invalidated all of them. It literally gave a race a 3ird trinket slot for the entirety of the game’s life.

Annoying? Straight up broken*

You must have just started playing during legion. Or been too busy crying about horde racials to realize how broken the alliance ones were.


Don’t mean to sound snarky but if it was Alliance it would have been changed two weeks ago.

But yes the Horde get to play for a awile again.


Idk how horde fail to understand we are mad because years of horde having better racials has destroyed faction balance in high end content. Horde never struggle to find groups or guilds because there are so many of you and there are so many of you because good guilds have switched to horde for the better racials and raiders have followed for more chances at finding a guild/groups.


Just an FYI the racial’s everyone’s complaining about aren’t even in the game yet…so you’re wrong and complaining about something that’s not even in the game yet.


It’s going to be and nothing will be done until 8.2


It’s funny because you probably never complained when every top PvPer was human. You’re a hypocrite who complains about racials that don’t even effect you anyway.

Tons of people run and down content on alliance still, you guys get free heroic raiding gear every tier. Stop complaining already and just play the game. You probably are never going to a mythic world first raider anyway, so racials don’t even matter.


Not only selective memory, but actually being naive enough to think that Blizzard doesn’t know these things already and it isn’t working exactly as they intend it to.

Blizzard wanted all the PvPers to switch to Alliance during that time just like Blizzard wants everyone to think this racial is OP so you will pay them a month sub to unlock them.