Regeneratin' working as intended?


These replies from Paladins defending the racial reminds me of when Ele Shamans were coming in the PvP forums giving excuses as to why Stormkeeper and Lightning Lasso wasn’t OP only be severely nerfed a week later.

(Abruek) #14

Damage is generally too consistent for a tank to effectively use this over just taking direct healing from or healer, or simply they’re a prot Paladin and they can heal themselves regardless. Stagger or not, it’s not going to get much effective useage.

Well, argue your points rather than shoveling other people based on what class or classes they play.

Giving Paladins an option they already have doesn’t make it over powered.


I already argued my point, and it’s obviously brokenly good for them. A full heal in 4s is too good for only one class in the game to make use of. Even if this makes it to live after about a week of 100% of PvP Paladins race changing to Zanda and people crying about it on the arena forums, Blizz will nerf it. They’ll have taken your race change money first, of course.

(Abruek) #16

Paladins already have that. Are they going to remove or nerf all Paladin healing abilities too?

I highly doubt most people will race change to Zandalari. Blood Elves are more than likely to remain a dominant position, even Tauren will a CC racial.


Come on dude, who are you trying to fool with that weak excuse? We both know Ret/Prot FoL spams cost them a lot of mana and takes a lot longer than 4s to full heal with.

Stop embarrassing yourself with those weaksauce excuses.

(Kaivax) #18

Thanks for the feedback!

We’re continuing to work on this ability. However, there don’t appear to be any changes to it in the immediate next new PTR build (coming very soon this week).

Zandalari Still not Nerfed

Divine Shield…regen
Disengage…run speed potion…feign death (with honor talent)…regen
Transcendence…wait a little…regen (works great in Epic BGs and WSG
Warlock teleport…shield…regen

More than one class can benefit from the current iteration of this currently OP ability

(Maizou) #20

I still say, keep it as a 100% heal, but make it ramp up, not 25% per tic. Gift of the naaru is 20% OVER TIME and has TWICE THE COOLDOWN. And increase the cooldown on Regeneratin’ as well, maybe 2-2.5 min, not 1.5 min.

Start at 5% with the first tic, 10% with the second tic, 25% with the third tic, 60% with the 4th tic.

That way it takes THREE tics to heal for more than Gift of the Naaru and Cannibalize.

And in PvP, it will still be near impossible to get the full heal off in a regular setting unless you’re in a place like AB where you can jump off a cliff and glide to safety. In PvE, a tank won’t be able to get off more than 5-15% heal every CD based on timing when they use it, which will equal a Kul’Tiran’s heal over the course of a fight.

However, you also need to make it do reduced healing if you’re currently affected by an immunity such as Divine Shield, Blessing of Protection, etc. and have recently been in combat with enemy players. (like within the last 30 seconds)

This way, the racial is still completely viable for both PvE AND PvP, but is not overpowered in PvP, has more than enough uses in PvE, and everyone is happy.

(Digerati) #21

Probably could be 5%/1 sec with the 90 sec CD. Or ~7-8%/sec with a longer CD

(Sepp) #22

Passive main stat on top of:
Divine Shield + Gift of the naru.
Disengage run speed potionn, FD. Gift of the naru.
Transcend, wait, gift of the naru.

on your friend:
Clos Vanish, gift of the naru.
Warlock Port, shield, gift of the naru.


(Maizou) #23

It’s almost like you ignore the fact Zandalari also have the Embrace of the Loa Racial (which is effectively a "Choose 1 of 6 different racials racial) that adds up over time to WAY more than 1% haste, 1% crit, etc.:

  • Embrace of Akunda - Your healing abilities have a chance to heal their target for 525.

  • Embrace of Bwonsamdi - Your damaging abilities have a chance to deal 87 Shadow damage and heal you for 100% of the damage done.

  • Embrace of Gonk - Increase movement speed by 5%.

  • Embrace of Kimbul - Your damaging abilities have a chance to cause the target to bleed for 260 over 6s. This effect stacks up to 3 times.

  • Embrace of Krag’wa - Taking damage has a chance to grant you 393 additional Health and 66 Armor.

  • Embrace of Paku - Your abilities have a chance to grant you 5% critical strike for until cancelled.

AND the Glider Racial. (which DOESNT share a CD with the goblin glider)

As well as get 2% more gold racial, which may not seem like much, but at 120 when creatures drop ~5g each, that really adds up)

(Abruek) #24

Prot can full heal with a single LotP, Ret can definitely heal in that span of time with FoL even faster so if they end up doing so during wings. And so what if it costs lots of Mana for them, It’s not like they have any other spells that need Mana.

Please try and not make the racial as useless as the other Allied Race’s. Embrace of the Loa racials already got lowered down to borderline worthless.

(Shadina) #25

Zandalari racials were meant to be paired with DID. If they do make them as worthless as the other Allied Races, I will be heavily disappointed. DID have amazing racials.


Regenerating needs to be at gift of the naaru heal levels levels and not break on damage so all classes can use the ability. Handing out a 100% heal is just ridiculous.


They really need to just mirror the racials between the factions. Just change the names to fit the race lore (like Gift of the Naaru because Gift of the Loa for Zanda). This would make the faction racials 100% balanced and there will be no more “Horde has this and it’s not fair, well Alliance has that and it’s not fair!” arguments on the forums.

(Divium) #28

Well consider this while I agree it does need to be lowered it needs to be BETTER because the ulity of the gift of the naaru is higher because it can be used on other players not just themselves.

(Tiridan) #29

On the topic of racials, Embrace of Kimbul doesn’t seem to be working properly as it doesn’t stack to 3 stacks. I know that the racials aren’t finished, but this is something that can very easily slip under the radar.

(Smig) #30

Gift is also instant cast and a HoT. So while regen requires 4 sec to recieve the healing you can continue to attack, cast other heals, or simply move.

Yes 100% is to much but 20% is far too low. 40% (10% a sec) is reasonable and maybe a slight increase to its CD.

(Yagarr) #31

The issue with that is specs with spammable heals (Vivify, Flash of Light, etc) can already heal for over 10% per cast. It’d become especially niche for Healers if it was only 10% a tick.

You need each tick to heal for around 15% to justify not spending another global. If it lasted for 3 seconds however, that’d be a 45% total heal.

(Smig) #32

That sound good to. Still borders a bit to far on the powerful side though. So you oom yourself spamming w/e you got on an ally, then use regen on yourself while your mana tick back up a bit, then jump back into spamming heals.

So it opened up the option to use your resource on someone else while not denying yourself healing. I hope my hypothetical was clear, it’s just how I could see myself using it frequently.