Maybe 8.1.5 on March 5th?

8.1.5 was canceled, 8.2 will be the next patch but it will not include new races.


Please? That’s the day before my birthday.

Give me a present, Blizz. I’ve been a good Viking Santa.


I seriously doubt we will see it before mid March.

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Just think like a corporate and always assume its when Dreadwake subs expired as the earliest possible date.


Isn’t that set to launch on June 31st?



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Very unlikely since a blue posted last week about Zandalari racials being iterated on taking at least 2 more ptr builds(likely this week and next week). So absolute earliest would probably be March 12th.

I’m doubling down on March 12th. Since Jaina unlocks on LFR tomorrow, that gives us two weeks of the new wing in LFR. Then it will be time for my Zandalari paladin.


I think somewhere between the 12th and the 26th of March. They just completed raid tuning passes on CoS, which will require changes and more iterations. There’s another racials tuning iteration due as well. The x.x.5 update supposedly contains the updates to holiday events they wanted to make. Also, while M Battle has been cleared, it’s still relatively early in Season 2 to release another raid (albeit a small one).

Most people are focused on the ARs, but Bornakk recently said there’s a lot to this update aside from ARs that needs to be completed before release. If things were close to release, I’m sure they would have told us about it already so we could pat them on the back and praise them for their diligence.

I’m thinking June 20th might be more realistic of a release date.

Or the patch will hit May 20th, then the mini raid opening June 20th…

Blizzard is fond of time gating.

zandalari paladin or rogue for me bubble regen will be op and rogue smoke bomb regen,blind regen and vanish and regen.

zandalari trolls woll tip the scale in arena and bgs.

Yikes. May 20th or June 20th…if the patch doesn’t come out until that time, I’ll be mad and continue to play the game.

3/19/19 is when they start to expire.

Why they won’t just come out and say a date is just utterly ridiculous at this point though.

What has to happen exactly for us to get an official announcement?

Do certain stars need to align?

Well Uldir was available for 5 months before the next raid tier hit…

The current raid has only been out for a month.

5 months + January 20th = June 20th.

My guess is going to be on the 12th for the earliest date. More likely the 19th tho.

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Yeah but we will get 8.1.5 before then, the raid will be unlocked later probably around April I’d wager. Crucible is considered a filler raid like ToV was, so 8.2 will be June (I’d hope).

I think either 8.2 or Classic release will be shuffled for the other. They’ll want maximum fanfare for either release, having both near each other would be counterproductive.

After blizzcon, maybe :sweat_smile:


Not sure why, they both still will garner attention. Plus classic is in all honesty not going to be doing anywhere near as well as some like to think it will. Sure it will give people a chance to try it out for those who missed out and such, but the nostalgia goggles that some people have strapped to their faces will shatter when they realize that the game just doesn’t hold up with how WoW is today as well as games in general.


Because while Classic may very well be a labor of love from the development team to the players, it will still need to be justified to the corporate side of the company. Which means they’ll want the most fanfare possible – so they won’t release for the live game what is meant to be the saving grace of a lukewarm-received expansion, at the same or near same time.

It was listed though as Summer 2019, that includes July and August. So there is plenty of time between the two. Plus to play classic you need a WoW sub in first place, so taking attraction away from on or the other is still a win for them as they get people to pay for a sub.

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