Zandalari Trolls are not OP

All you alliance people saying, “zandalari racials are OP! nerf regeneratin, Loa passives”

yea look at your kul tiran racials lol

you get a 3 second stun that also knocks people backwards, big advantage against people on cliffs

a passive heal when you take damage, meanwhile zandalari’s version the first tick isn’t instant and can be canceled by an easy instant attack

idk but i think kul tirans racials are at better advantage, at least in pvp

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You can think Zandalari aren’t op all you want but they’ve pretty much been confirmed for a second go at the nerf bat.


They kinda are.

But that doesn’t help me in a swimming race does it? Lol.

I was willing to agree with you until you went there. The Zandalari racial is powerful, but arguably not overpowered. To say it’s weaker than the Kul Tiran racial is just plain delusional though.


100% healing is pretty OP, BUT, you will never use all of it (or you would be dead), and most importantly it has a huge opportunity cost involved.
In most situations you aren’t going to be able to get off a full 6s channelled spell that is interrupted by damage.

Either you are going to be losing a lot of throughput when using it in PvE, or in PvP you are going to find it very difficult to use. Maybe solo if you can CC someone you could get away with it, but you need a full 8s CC whilst they don’t have trinket otherwise you waste it.

I think the biggest issue Regeneratin’ has is the cooldown.
It’s not what the ability does, but how available it is. In a lot of situations I think Draenei’s racial heal is more useful, but it has a 3min cd so its just not available as much.

Last I checked, Haymaker didn’t Knockback players.

However, Regeneratin’ is kinda crap in PvP.

It is now 6 second cast time and breaks on damage. Even absorbed damage (like through TOK or Life Cocoon) breaks it. Meaning unless you’re using an invulnerability (like Divine Shield) you have to Line/CC all enemies and not have a single DoT on yourself to channel it. You also can’t block/dodge/parry while channeling, even when using abilities like Evasion.

It’s only really dependable use is as a Paladin. Not good for other classes.

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In combat mage food essentially, but useable whilst bubbled.

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Off the top of my head Mages, Rogues and Paladins can easily fulfill those conditions.

As you said, Paladins can just bubble and heal to full for free, that alone should be reason enough to smite regenratin’ with the Nerf hammer.

Rogues can Vanish and Cloak away any Debuffs, then jsut get far enough away to pull off a channel for most of their health back.

And mages can Ice block into invisibility, or just invisibility if they have no dots. Heck, mages already do this with food in arena, now imagine that food working about five times as fast.

People who complain about racials:
Never got gladiator in their lives
Never cleared mythic
Never cleared heroic
Never cleared a plus 10
Does lfr
Thinks world mobs are hard
Rival is an achievement
Takes random battlegrounds seriously
Never cleared the mage tower
Thinks Sylvanas is mean


No. Just Paladins through Divine Shield.

Rogues can’t remove Bleeds and their only DoT removal is CoS. Mages can remove like… Curses, I believe. Block > Invis isn’t dependable because people can camp you when you’re Blocked.

What they should do is remove the damage-interrupt penalty of Regeneratin’ and just nerf the Heal to 3 ticks (45% Hp) or increase the CD.

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So rogues can do it against every spec except for like 3? That’s not a very good argument.

As for the mages, as I already mentioned, they already do it with food. Heck, I play a frost mage as my first alt, I do it all the time! As a class with no healing casting invisibility while you’re clear of dots, running behind a pillar and eating food is a lifesaver sometimes for just a 30% heal before they get to you.

We’ll see how they nerf it soon, cause there’s no way it’s getting off the PTR in it’s current state. Personally, I think they’re either going to drastically reduce the amount healed, or drastically increase the channel time for the full heal. They already have a really good racial with the loa passives, they dont need a second good one.

Dagger in the Back is an Azerite power everyone can get.

Arms, Prot War, Beast Mastery, Survival, Feral, can all have high bleed uptime without it, which effectively negate Regeneratin’ in PvP.

Otherwise, COS is a huge CD. It’s not spammable and you can’t even use Regeneratin’ in stealth.

The point remains - there aren’t many dependable uses of Regeneratin’ in PvP.

Not talking about 1v1s here. And if you do it all the time with food, then you’re leaving combat.

My issue with Regeneratin’ as it currently stands, is that it is effectively an out-of-combat racial with little use in PvP because most specs don’t have the tool kit to use it in combat.

I don’t think anyone’s even simmed the Loa racials yet.

Most arenas are large enough where you can run across it and hide behind a pillar.

Invisibility drops combat on use. Just like vanish.

And my issue with it is that it’s completely bonkers for at least 3 classes while being a novelty for the rest.

Bit it’s mostly a non issue complaining about it at this point cause it will be changed.

And can be dotted and chased so you can’t use it.

Right, which means you’ve left combat. You’re eating. You aren’t in combat.

I want the racial to be designed for in combat use.

Not Bonkers. Only dependable use is with Paladins during Divine Shield, which is a major CD.

The rest effectively DON’T have a racial because it is too niche to use in PvP.

It’s a glorified Bandage/Food item.

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Yeah, I give up. You win, whatever.
It’s not worth my time trying to explain why a racial that wont even make it to live is ridiculous. Especially when you ignore any points I try to make.

doesn’t the punch not work in pvp or something?

Oh you poor child; Fun fact.
THE RACIAL DOESN’T EVEN WORK IN PVP! It just stuns. The pushback doesn’t happen in PvP. There’s also the fact you need to be in melee range to make it work.

It only seems to be working on PvE enemies which means little since cliffs don’t matter.