Zandalari troll racials can't go live as they are

They will go live and be tweaked as more people mess with them, understand them and complain about them.


Yes, which obviously people will use after LoS or CC. It’s just way too ridiculous.

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I haven’t screwed around on PTR, can they use it after pally bubble too? If so that’s pretty strong - the ol’ DShield/LoH combo without any of those pesky Forbearance shenanigans.

I mean…they straight up said more tuning is coming in a PTR build for Zandy racials.


That’s exactly what I mean, it’s going to be astronomically abused in all aspects of the game, can’t go live like this.

Already been addressed


Unless I haven’t checked well enough, the only change they’ve made is that it will be interrupted upon taking any damage. That doesn’t mean it “has been addressed” and that only covers the regenerating racial, the Loa buffs are still way too powerful.



I’m kind of past the point of caring to be honest. I don’t really intend to play a Zandalari one way or another. Looking at the racials they sure do seem pretty awesome, so, that’s great for Zandalari players.

I imagine it’ll reinforce the Horde’s booming PvP/Raiding population, but really, what more damage can be done at this point?

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Not caring causes more dmg to be honest.

True, but they’re still an Allied Race, so I doubt you’ll find dozens of Alliance players swapping over for OP racials. Zandalari have to be unlocked. I’m pretty sure most players who keep to the Alliance these days do so out of a genuine love of the faction.

If anything, with racials like this, the Horde may finally see more Trolls than Elves at last.

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Its been addressed by them saying

They have come out said, they are aware of the issue and expect to see changes.


Compared to the Draenei version which is a 20% over a 5 second channel, with a cool down twice as long. Still not seeing something wrong?

Honestly? Not from a flavor perspective. Gift of the Naaru is channeling the Light. Zandalari Trolls, the most favored of the Troll peoples by the Loa, would naturally have a very powerful form of regeneration. I mean, another of their racials is literally gaining a powerful boon from a Loa.

From a lore/immersion viewpoint, the Zandalari Racials are awesome.

Mechanically they’re OP, but we’ll be seeing that changed so, not too worried.

Try testing them before posting. Regeneratin’ was terrible at a four second channel already, now it’s six. As for the Embrace Racials they’re either weak, or like the Bwonsamdi one they’re just mirrors of other races.


I’m not sure if this is an argument or a joke but I guess people have different opinions, I’m talking sctrictly from gameplay perspective, both racials need severe adjustments.

Draenei’s is not a channel though.

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While I still think the Zandy should be toned down a bit, being a channel means it should be more powerful than a HoT.


Not to mention it doesn’t fall off the moment damage is taken, doesn’t impede rotational performance since it’s also not on the GCD, and can be cast on others.


I would agree with that, it should be stronger as it is a channeled ability but a full heal ability every 90 seconds is stupid. I know in the current season raid I could use that in most of the fights. Hell even if you only got half of it off, you are still talking about an impressive heal.