Zandalari Still not Nerfed

So, it has been multiple weeks since the racials came out and everyone assured me that the troll racials were so OP they would “obviously” be nerfed.

I am still waiting…

Not only is regeneratin’ extremely OP…but the LoA blessing is also very OP.

Take Embrace of Bwonsamdi (Your damaging abilities have a chance to deal [Attack power * 0.25 * 1 * (1 + Versatility)] Shadow damage and heal you for 100% of the damage done.)

Compare this to the Night Elf racial of 1% to crit…yeah.

Blizz. You don’t have much time left. Show us that you are not completely inept and nerf Zandalari racials already.


it’s 6 seconds and interruptable.


Even at that, it’s interruptible by any kind of damage. This has effect even through absorb and some shields.

As for the others, they don’t seem to do that much damage.

Also OP, remember that Zandalari were supposed to be paired with Dark Iron, while the Kul Tirans were supposed to go with Mag’har.


Testing on ptr so far, at 390 ilvl, Embrace of Bwonsamdi heals for 2436 when it goes off…and regeneratin is useless for a monk tank because stagger makes it automatically break for 10/13 seconds (depending on talents). It will be nice for recovery times in open world, but nothing special otherwise.


They arent even playable yet, BUT people like you are not happy unless you find something to complain about.

Also, Dark Iron racials need a run for their money in pvp, or did you conveniently forget about those. By the way did you ever bring up the complete absurdity of EMFH when everyone and their dog went alliance for that third trinket for pvp, it reigned supreme for YEARS…OH your selective memory ‘skipped’ that right :wink:

Quit getting your undergarments in a knot, its a computer game, not the Olympic games.


That’s either close or less than Touch of the Grave, can’t remember if I get 2.5K or 5K with it.


HInt stun, fear, Los etc… Then start it. Zand Troll Rogue will be unstoppable. Heck even just one to two ticks of it in original state is OP>


Please change Dreanai Racial to match Zandalari. No need to change the cooldown. Just make it break on damage and heal you to full over 6 seconds rather then 20% over 4 ty

According to this guy 1.5m cooldown on a channel that can full heal is perfectly fine

Thanks <3


It being interruptible doesn’t amount to much when one tick heals for the same amount as the entire HoT duration of the Draenei’s Gift of the Naaru racial.


But you can use draenei racial on other people and you can move while doing that. I think that zandalari racial should be strong but yea they could make the cd 5-10min.


Remember that the Gift of the Naaru is uninterruptible and can be casted on other players.

(If I remember correctly that is)


I hope Blizzard doesn’t nerf them. Like millions of others, I plan on creating and leveling a Zandalari Druid.


Aren’t they still on the test realm?

And it’s dispellable, and again… One tick of Regeneratin’ heals for the entire amount of Gift of the Naaru, let alone if you’re lucky enough to get two.
And Regeneratin’ is on a shorter cooldown.

Yes, the HoT can be cast on other players, but the healing is so minimal it’s more or less a token gesture or a panic button.

Edit: Also worth noting that Zandalari get two other active racials in addition to this- a long CD, long-duration slow fall (i.e. free Goblin Glider Kit) and the ability to choose your passive buff, some of which are extremely strong.


That is one gift I would like to return to those glittering Chinese characters or whatever they are.

It is a fairly useless heal.

And Regeneratin’ is interruptible

It’s a 20% heal. That’s quite a fair amount.


It’d be a fair amount if it were an instant burst and had a shorter CD.


Turtle regen, it’s a lay on hands.


Regeneratin’ isn’t instant burst either.

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That 1 tick sure is.
I think you’re deliberately missing the point just to mess with me, now.