WoW Remix Developer Update – May 29

Hello Timerunners!

As we approach the end of the second week of WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, we’d like to take a moment to talk about some very recent updates we’ve made and look forward to the next 11+ weeks that the event will be available.

We’ve now made several changes to address some issues we’ve seen, especially around max level content such as heroic scenarios, heroic dungeons, and raids. Our goal here is to address the sudden increase in enemy power at level 70 for group content and make the transition to higher difficulty raids smoother for players.

  • Heroic Scenario, Heroic Dungeon, and Normal Raids increase in power more slowly between levels 60 and 70. When first reaching level 70, players will continue to be challenged by max-level content, but that increase in difficulty should now be noticeably lessened.
  • Heroic and Mythic raids have been adjusted so there is a smoother transition between them. Before these changes, there was a stark difference in the power of each raid. Now, players should experience a smoother transition that feels more like a natural progression instead of a huge step.

Even with recent hotfixes in place, there is still a significant increase in difficulty for Heroic Throne of Thunder, Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar, and Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar. WoW Remix is designed to provide players who wish to take on the toughest challenges with the means to do so, by upgrading their gear and collecting additional threads.

Looking forward, we want you to know that we do not plan to change the Bronze cost of upgrading gear. We’ve already seen many players make the decision to upgrade items so that they can comfortably take on Heroic raids (and hopefully earn the large amounts of Bronze available from them). The gains in power that come with increasing your item levels are exponential, not linear, and we don’t want anyone to second-guess their decision to become much more powerful.

For players who primarily wish to gather Bronze and acquire some of the cosmetic rewards available in Remix, many options have emerged. We’re seeing some players level up multiple alts for the 40,000 Bronze available from quests at levels 50, 60, and 70, while other players mainly focus on earning Bronze with multiple level-70 characters doing queued content and repeatable daily quests and activities.

We’ll outline all of our recent Remix hotfixes in our hotfixes update post, and we’ll continue to read all of your feedback. It’s been a lot of fun to go on this journey with you.

Thank you very much!


Translation: We recognize that nerfing the frog abusers gear is what matters, but we literally don’t care about that, nor do we care about bringing anyone even close to their level by nerfing literally every possible way to farm bronze on player’s own without requiring them to run raids every day to get the bronze needed for one piece of gear so it takes them the length of the event just to catch up to them.

Metrics matter! Most of all player time spent.

We realize that the changes we made, and continue to make, actively only affect the people who didn’t do the farm we randomly decided isn’t the way to go, but sincerely, we don’t care about doing much to fix it.

–edit— bro even your community council members do not think this is a good announcement. absolute clown town


Spectacular L from the WoW Remix team.

Seems to be a running theme dropping the ball all over the place.

Blizzard as a whole have done some pretty strange decisions over the years but without a doubt your fumbling of this “for fun” season is out of this world. It’s like a race of hurdles and you guys are hitting every single one.

I seriously wonder just how much time Blizzard thinks the average person playing remix has, clearing all the raids at max level takes a serious time investment even if you have someone that frogged early on (Which Blizzard let off with a slap on the wrist). The sheer moving from boss to boss, raid to raid takes hours to do it all not to mention it’s probably the least engaging content ever offered to a player of this game. I would genuinely rather run Torghast over and over than run these boring raids with all the roleplay together every day for hours. Nobody at Blizzard can be really that misplaced in their intentions to think people are having a blast doing this every single day.

Gear dropping all the same ilvl from normal raids, to heroic and Mythic is baffling, the fact you use the same currency for upgrading and getting transmogs/mounts is baffling, epics giving the same amount of bronze for scrapping is baffling, ignoring overwhelming feedback is baffling. Just an absolute mess at Blizzard HQ honestly.

Trust me, absolutely every single person playing the game currently is second guessing their decision to not become more powerful by spending the first two days sitting in Timeless isle farming frogs instead of doing what you intended people to do with clearing raids, scenarios and dungeons for the accessory items. Every single person who didn’t farm frogs lost out on genuinely dozens, if not hundreds of hours they could have saved by sitting and hitting frogs.

Said with what I’m assuming is a straight face knowing there is zero alt catch up on upgrading gear and ignoring the fact many people would already have all the classes at max.


You guys are doing great! Ignore the haters, I’m loving the mode.


Oh, I get it.
You ARE going to reduce the cost of upgrading gear, but it’s going to be like one of those unannounced scheduled maintenance things, isn’t it?


Tone deafness, incarnate.

You guys are seriously out of touch with your players.


Yikes. Out of touch as always.


Can we please have arsenal collections available for bronze?

Not only can we not control if weapons with new appearances ever drop, but we might need several characters to get everything since they’re class/spec specific.

  • I’d like to hear the reasoning behind having a currency serve as both the gear upgrade and buying cosmetics.  It’s especially a newbie trap for those who desire to obtain as much goodies as possible, but do not realize it’s better to focus on upgrading gear first – which in turn will make it quicker to obtain bronze when enemies die faster.
  • What is the reasoning behind the mindset of “raid or die”, especially for those who are not fond of pugging organized content?
  • Do you understand why the community has been jumping from one farming method to the next?  Bronze acquisition is stingy even with the buffs to caches and whatnot and not everyone wants to spend the entire 3-month duration playing the mode to get everything.  (And I’m actually thankful to the frog farmers because otherwise we wouldn’t have the bronze pity quests that were hotfixed in last week.)
  • Throne of Thunder and Siege of Orgrimmar are long raids, with the latter still holding the record for most raid bosses in an instance in the entire game (14!).  Please make these raids more worthwhile to do for the time spent doing them.
  • Why is the necklace not available through doing Looking For Raid?  Requiring to do them all on at least Normal difficulty is out of step when compared to the other accessory slots that only require reaching level 70 and doing heroic dungeons and scenarios.

Unfortunately, Heroic SoO and ToT are simply too long to feel like their bronze rates are “worth.” PLEASE increase the value of bronze from the highest levels of content or for rewards they just simply are not efficient after doing them the first time for achievements. My guild would love to nightly Heroic clear but some have just lost heart because just like in retail, the rewards aren’t a large enough jump to devote the extra time.


When are you going to hotfix the players inaccurately flagged as frog farmers???


A.K.A - Yea we read the feedback on every forum and social media platform imaginable and we simply don’t care. We want you to play this as long as we can make you.

So much for listening to player feedback. Maybe design the mode better the next time. I imagine there’s been a nice drop-off.


Blizzard showing us once again that they haven’t changed at all and that their game design is solely based around playtime metric farming and not fun.
Big L, burned every last ounce of good will you tried to scrape back.


they are not out of touch… do your dailys, do the raids, you can get 100k bronze a day very quick, UPGRADE your gear so you can do things faster.

this has been the most fun event wow has ever had by far and i hope they do more expansion remix’s with out changes much of this system bc the grind is the fun part of the system… building and working on a character and feeling the power increase as you do it…


Bruh. You can’t be for real.


No discounts? Would be great to actually play an alt at 70 and not just boost it quickly for bronze. Main is 450 I don’t intend to do this grind on alts without a discount. Guess it’s time to afk until tww


This entire post is painfully tone-deaf.


I agree with not reducing upgrade cost BUT ONLY IF YOU REDUCE THE PRICE FOR ALTS after the main has upgraded. How do you not see the bad gameplay you are encouraging by not doing this. Server will be full of weak ALTS expecting to get carried through daily content so that they get transmogs without having to work for it. As it is right now, ALTS are literally only for the easy bronze from leveling and getting carried but not reasonable to actually be played which is just horrible game design.


If you are not gonna nerf upgrade cost then only ppl with unlimited time can upgrade their gear