WoW Classic Beta Update

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Thank you very much to everyone who’ve helped test the closed beta for WoW Classic. Over the last seven weeks, we have reviewed over 17000 bug reports from testers. These led to our verification of hundreds of new and unique bugs. Your efforts have directly contributed to making WoW Classic a better experience for everyone when it opens to the world on August 27.

We have now reached a stage where WoW Classic is in a good state for reconciling remaining issues, and we intend to shift our focus away from the closed beta, which will end on July 12.

Internally, we’re working through the aforementioned bug fixes, testing the high-level zones such as Eastern Plaguelands, and doing our raid testing. We’ll make sure Ragnaros and Onyxia are ready to go.

As for what’s next, the final stress test is now coming up on July 25-26 (we’ve changed this date since we first announced it). During that global test, we will roll out our multi-region hardware in preparation for the worldwide release of WoW Classic. In addition to getting many more testers to play through the initial leveling experiences, it will be a test of the fixes and tweaks that we’ve made and are making to the game.

We’re planning a small in-game event to end the closed beta on July 12. We’ll see you there, and we’ll post reminders for you just before the stress test, as well as reminders in August as we gather for name reservations and ultimately for the release of WoW Classic.

Thank you!

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:tired_face::tired_face::tired_face::tired_face: I want to see the fixes before hand.

I’m such an idiot.

Nevermind, see y’all in the stress test!


In before BuT WhErE iS mY iNvItE sTrEaMeR PriViLeGe

Can’t wait for launch day!

(Dragtuslivz) #5

At least i can stop checking for the beta invite everyday

(Ikethespike) #6

tick tock tick tock…getting closer now :slight_smile:


Wow, those are a lot of bug reports for the Goblins and Gnomes at Blizzard to review!

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The hype was dying down and there was no reason to draw this out anymore. Now the withdrawal symptoms can begin and the hype can finally increase again.

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Absolutely solid communication! Bit of a wait but worth it! Thank you Kavi and the Classic devs who are making this possible!
Lok’tar Ogar!
For Classic!

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Must be hard spending all summer indoors working. But it’s worth it since it’s Classic!

Thank you and hope it works out best for you Devs!


Yeah those thousands of people that have been asking for years for a Classic server were really losing interest.:roll_eyes:

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Yeah, those thousands of addon developers that have been asking for access to the Classic Beta so they can work on their addons were really losing interest.


Im glad Blizzard followed my advice from earlier today.


(Daimonas) #14

Does “we’ll see you there” mean that we’ll be there?

so, again, only one day? Not 2 days like the last one? What about the level cap? I assume it won’T be higher, if there is only 1 day?

(Nexius) #15

Bittersweet to know I can stop checking classic and can now play other games until release.

(Amris) #16


No open beta
No level cap increase with just a promise high level content will be bug free.
Next stress test is exactly more than a month later to get more subs.

You win blizz. You scammed me out of $45! I’m the idiot and you are a little scummy.

(Daimonas) #17

I’ve managed to make one fix in mine, on the stress test, but there is still one bug and I didn’t manage to fix it.

And, if it is just one day, then I may not have enough time - the bug requires level 10 to appear.

Nobody said that… however I guess it’s true.

(Droodguy) #18

What about 40-60 content, dungeons raids? That needs testing more than 1-40

Make open beta.

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So the next chance to play Classic is 1 month and 1 day prior to launch so you better sub up twice before launch!

Activision Activision Activision.

(Crieve) #20

It took me 6 hours to get AllTheThings to not instantly crash when loading up WoW Classic. I got it to a state where I can track Flight Paths before the stress test was over. There’s about 3 months worth of work to go still. :confused: