Will Keyrings be coming with Phase 2?


Blizzards only official word was that key rings will come with the first patch. I was hoping that would mean any patch, but it seems they meant phase.

Edit: they didn’t even mean phase. Now our best hope is by the end of the calendar year.


It’s the most important thing we’re getting in Phase 2. Hyuge.


I threw away my keys from low level instances last week. Just not worth the space they were taking up. My key to searing gorge may be next. I guess I can manage with the FP.


Hopefully, can’t find the confirmation post, but they take up a ton of bag space and were in vanilla at some point so, hopefully soon


Blizzards only official word was that key rings will come with the first patch.

Still waiting :confused:

(Kaivax) #11

Yes – the Keyring will come to WoW Classic with our first patch to the game client later this year.

We don’t yet have a certain date for the patch, but we’ll let you know as soon as we do.

Battlegrounds in December, BWL in January
Hey I'm paying...why am I NOT playing?
Still no KeyRing?
When will Keyrings be added to game?
Where is the Keyring?
BGs Before Keyrings?
Sooo Keyring december 10th? "patch" "phaze"?
When will Keyrings be added to game?
Sooo Keyring december 10th? "patch" "phaze"?
Keyring by TBC

i believe you meant to say first patch that includes the keyring 365 days from this post


Wouldnt the date of the 1st patch be thursday the 14th??? its been announced already that phase 2 is thursday…


Eh probably should have been a bit more explanation if the first patch wasn’t the same as the first phase. Pretty sure most people were assuming that it would probably be released with phase 2.


Soooo… NOT coming with Phase 2.

Sad panda. :frowning:


So Phase =/= Patch? Can we be anymore confusing?


You think you do and we will make you don’t.

(Kaivax) #18

Correct. We’re able to turn on content such as Dire Maul or World Bosses without having to change the game client and require downtime the way a patch does.

Sorry for the confusion.

(Voidarcane) #19

Thanks Kaivax, was logging in and wondering why I didn’t have a keyring yet.

You should pin that about keyrings coming in what I would assume is coming in 1.13.5 or 1.14 to clarify.


Well this makes me happy:]


How could you do this to us, we TRUSTED you, and this is how we are repaid in kind?


Wow a blue! How about something on these gold selling channel invites? We get something on that this year or is the plan just to ignore a solution into existence?


This is usually why blue posts are rare.


then… what in the hell could possibly be a patch for classic…

considering everything is going to be a phase or small hotfix changes to stuff you dont like.

are we just never going to get a keyring then???

it seems completely ridiculous, of all things, to gate the keyring.

(Koorbanned) #25

Why gate the keyring when this was actually in the Blizzcon Demo when you first announced classic…