Sooo Keyring december 10th? "patch" "phaze"?

Blizz doesn’t consider Phases to be patches, and they don’t consider the multiple fixes they’ve issued to be patches either even though a fix and a patch mean the same. They have no ETA on the Keyrings to date from a Blizz post on the topic.

I destroyed all my keys out of protest, the ony neck is lucky for now.

As a shaman that already has 4 mandatory bag slots taken up by totems, having to carry around upwards of 1-6 different keys in addition to that really devours my bag space quickly. A keyring would be greatly appreciated.

Has any official explanation been given for why we dont have a key ring?

It basically hurts the most engaged players, so you’d think they would work to implement it.

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Bagslots are precious and can be valued in gold as “next bank slot purchaseable”/“slots in the bag you’d put there”. So 50g to buy the next bankslot for me divided by the 14 bagslots of a runecloth bag = 3g 57s 14c (and a bit) each. Eventually bankslots are all purchased and you can’t put a price on the bagslots.

Let’s count the keys: Workshop, Scarlet, Crescent, Searing Gorge, Shadowforge, Prison Cell, Relic coffer (thank the Light that those stack), Key to the City. Eight key slots. Mind you I’ve been avoiding the Scholomance key chain for gold reasons… gold rhymes with mold… yeah fun. As the value of purchased bagslots, that’s 28g 57s 14c (and a bit). Or just flat out “more than half of a bag” of space.

Not really, this is about the last word they gave on it.

Yep, and Hunters/Locks lose a whole bag slot as it is.


This too. :slight_smile:

as a PVE person… i dont care about the whinning about PVP on PVP servers…
What i do care about is my 8-10 bag slots.

on my druid i have 4 sets of gear.
Tank set.
Cat set.
healie set.
Fire set.
E’ko charm
felwood lantern.
health and mana pots.
fishing pole.
whipper roots.
dark runes.
Argent dawn trinket.,
buff foods.
stack of elixirs -mongoose
defense elixir.
str elixir.
Int elixir
gordok green stam buff alcohol.
wild berries for stam buff.
couple of MCP’s.
skinning knife.
1-2 random quest items in case i go near one of them.

and a total of 76 slots with all rune cloth bags.

these 10 key slots are very much valuable space.
Blizzard says “first patch”.

well they released DM. and world PVP
next up is battlegrounds.
so technically we would be at the THIRD patch on the 10th.
I would like my bag space now.


The week of December 10th. It’s confirmed!

First of all, calling others pathetic for disagreeing with you is just sad (this applies to anything). Back to the topic, Keyrings are a vanilla concept so it will happen, it was only requested for it to happen sooner. So both you and I are only somewhat effected by limited bag space, but how about locks for example? Summons don’t just happen free of cost, warlocks farm shards and any extra bag space they can get they will be more than happy to receive. Carrying all my keys on a key ring means if I quest in burning steps I can death run to BRD instead of hearthing back to IF and than fly to TP and death run to BRD. You’re right it is a QOL change, but it was in vanilla and it would be nice to have sooner than later. I personally couldn’t care either way, I love the game how it is.

Where? This is too important to tease!

What 6 keys do you carry to raids?

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Oh, so because it doesn’t concern you, it’s not a legitimate issue for others?


Well its gotta be soon. I mean they said the patch would be before the end of the year, less than 30 days before we reach that mark.

All the context clues of their last 2-3 posts related to the content drop. They did confirm in a blue post that the first “patch” will be in December and the key is coming with that patch.

Pathetic not because they disagree. Pathetic because they are going crazy over a freaking keyring. Surely, a gamebreaking feature, right? Oh and btw, most of vanilla? I don’t think so. Try 1.11.

So asking about something is " freaking ". Let us look at the number of threads about keyrings vs PvP before we describe this as freaking out over it.

PVP is basically 50% of the game, so yeah it’s important. Keyring - not so much. By the time keyrings were out, so was AQ. Is AQ out? It’s all about relativity. Keyring is a relatively minor issue. It’s not like I don’t want it, mind you. Is it a big deal in the grand WOW scheme of things? Cmon now, be honest, for a change.

The forums is here for a reason…

Of all the topics on the front page right now, this one is probably the only productive one. Yet, here you are, still having to argue “cry more”.

If you continually believe this topic is so stupid, perhaps you can just Ctrl+F4 and go to the other topics where there are constant “crying” ?

EDIT: And before you say I’m crying over keyrings, I’m not. I’m doing just like everyone else right now. Eat the bagspace and/or store it in my bank.
I just happened to been reading and felt compelled to post this.