Where is the Keyring?



Phase 2 =/= 1st Patch

Link your sources.

Argument invalid.

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Right where the Blue Post claims it is.

It’s coming during Phase 2, but not at it’s release. Patches are separate from Phases.

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We don’t even know if it’s coming out during phase 2.

The game client has been patched multiple times although the revision number hasn’t changed. The build number has changed, though, and the latest build date is Nov 4 if you look at the game client’s bottom left corner.

The more troubling issue is why they are stringing this out in this way. Why be cagey in their responses: oh it’s going to come out in the first patch, but not this phase, phases are different from patches, who knows the timeline, etc.

It’s difficult to argue it’s for any other reason than they fully expected PvE players to not re-up their sub if they had clarified it wouldn’t be released today (when so many subs came up for renewal).

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The problem is…

They don’t count Phases as patches.
They don’t count hotfixes as patches.
They don’t count server restarts as patches.
They don’t count large programmed changes and bug fixes as patches.
They also have the policy of #nochanges which confuses me more on what kind of things would be added to a content patch.

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Unless they plan on giving us that when they do 8.3 for retail would be the only way a “patch” makes sense.

yeah at this point I just want to know what a “patch” is if not all of them things.

What they did was dirty.

They knew we thought patch=phase.

So I’ll say it again.

The fact they didn’t let us know that wasn’t the case until the day we thought it was coming, is ignorant and disingenuous to us as customers.


I really want my key ring.

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