When will Keyrings be added to game?

Key rings I had heard were supposed to come out during p2 phase content. When will you be implementing them!? I have 7 keys for example that help clutter my bags. Key rings are definitely in vanilla.


No they weren’t, and they never said they were.

People just make stuff up and then get made when blizz doesn’t adhere to the timeline they made up. gg. ya played yourself.

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They said the first patch of Classic WoW, everyone assumed that was going to be Phase 2. According to a blue post that’s not the case.


Ahem… yes they are coming Key Ring in Classic??


It can’t come soon enough.

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turn on the key ring please

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Disheartening to hear if it doesn’t make it in during P2

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Boy do you have egg on your face.


Well congrats Fighty, only person I’ve seen with some common sense so far in this forum.
amazing how many people got salty over unfounded speculation being inaccurate. XD

lets hope it happens soon. i have too many keys right now.

They’re coming in the first major patch (not phase as they can be turned on and off at will) to classic, which is yet undetermined.

i laughed hard on this


Key rings were in vanilla…

And blizzard literally said first content patch in a blue post.

They just had retracted and said before the end of the year now.

sooo maybee when they release BG’s now? we can get the keyrings?

ya, people make stuff up… btw, Key Rings were in vanilla (added 1.11.0), make sure you do your research before making stuff up.

Keyring will come out with TBC servers as they dont appear to be fixing any bugs in Classic since they intend for all content to be out preShadowlands.