Sooo Keyring december 10th? "patch" "phaze"?

/wave from a normal server. Pvp is a permutation of the game, yes, but not 50%. I have… 4 honorable kills, thank you. A couple of horde were attacking the gates of Ironforge. As an honorable dwarf, I obviously came to the defense of our great mountain home. We killed them both twice before they either turned tail or I had real life to do. I’ve run Scholomance alone more than 4 times, and I’ve leveled to 60… all of which wasn’t pvp.

/ten chars

Yeah, I could put them in my bank, but then I’d forget them next time I’m running a 5-man. My bank is pretty full of stuff, though, too. Point is, 6 bag slots between bags and bank is a big deal, IMO.

It’s like 10 bag slots in a game with 14-18 slot bags.

play a lock and a hunter and ask this question


Lol, you’re going to be disappointed.

They promised key rings in a major patch by the end of the year.
BG patch is a major patch
They announced BG patch will we out week of Dec 10th

It makes sense that keyring will come with the same patch, but they may delay it and release it in the following weeks. As it hasn’t officially been confirmed yet to be in the same patch

December 10 is when 2 battlegrounds go live. Dec 10 is not any “phase”. The battlegrounds were originally scheduled as part of the next phase, which is in early 2020. They were moved sooner to Dec 10, but the whole phase was not moved sooner.

I’ve got keys, they jingle jangle jingle…

That is flawed logic on your part, not a promise by Blizzard. Sorry.

The Dec 10 release was an unplanned CHANGE to the schedule. It was not a planned major patch.

Blizzard ONLY changed the date for BG release, not for everything. So any earlier promise (promise made BEFORE that schedule change) does not refer to the Dec 10 date.

To say it another way, a “major patch” is something on the devs schedule. It is NOT any change that you (a customer) call “major”. Changing the date for BG release did not change the date for hundreds of other internal software activities scheduled for a “major patch”.

It’s actually kinda meaningful to some classes. I have like 10 keys or more on my lock. Id love to have those slots back for more soul shards, or loot space that Im already pressed on.

Ok maybe it’s not a major patch,
But we have an official statement saying saying BGs week of Dec 10th
And an official statement made after the Dec 10th announcement confirming that keyrings will be in by the end of the year.

I never said it was guaranteed to be in the December 10th patch, just that it is highly likely, as having another, as blizzard put it “first major patch” mear days or weeks after the BG patch, doesn’t seem plausible.

would be nice if this was included in the patch…
not everyone cares about PVP that much.
im sure there are more people who care about 10 bag slots.

Right. Most content, like raids or the world bosses are just locked, and can be activated with just a switch requiring only a hotfix style update.

Since the keyring is something integrally part of the UI it requires an actual downloaded patch to activate.

I’m actually more curious what else they are going to push in this patch, besides the keyring; since patching for just one thing seems kinda inefficient.

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hoping this happens on the 8 hour maintenance.

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We might solve a mystery or rewrite history! Its a ducktales! Oh wow. Lol.

Who didn’t want a swimming pool full of gold coins!

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Bank alts specific to resource type?

I do mining/engi but also have a massive amount of g invested in mats I’ve purchased to capitalize on inflation and increased demand in later phases. Just sort it and send it to dedicated banks. I conduct most of the auctions on alts too, so the main thing my main stores is bop gear and gold.

4/5 slots isn’t a massive game changer.

10 slots? I think I can open every door in game, what am I missing o.O I have like 5 or so and can’t think of any content I can’t open.

I just checked wowhead and see 6 keys compatible with the ring including the gnomer key.

You maybe right, I was thinking of objects that could considered keys like Mara staff for example. That wouldn’t go on a key chain.

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And authentic to the game experience of this patch cycle. =)