BGs Before Keyrings?

Clearly we don’t have our priorities straight.


more people need to complain on the forums about the keyring, you know the drill.


Im about to make a keyring post lamenting an entire bag worth of keys and how my gameplay is degraded due to lack of bag slots

Oh, also, the obligatory ‘if blizzard doesnt do this ASAP me and many others will quit and WoW will die’

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would be nice to have 8 bag slots back though…

They said the Keyring would come before the New Year. It’s more than likely coming with the Battleground patch.

Before the new year? Where’s that? All I’ve seen is “first patch” but apparently phases aren’t patches… and are dropping left and right with giving use a keyring.

Let’s see: Gnomergan, Scarlet Monastery, BRD, BRD coffers, BRD cell door, Dire Maul. I have deliberately avoided the Scholomance and Searing Gorge keys due to bag space consideration.

I’m sure I could have one of my nelf elfs dance on a mailbox for a keyring…

Right here.

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#nochanges meme.

You dont need keys to zone into a bg.

I must agree, key rings are more anticipated. Here’s hoping they come with BGs!