Still no KeyRing?

So… thought the keyring was coming out this week… and i still dont have a keyring…

No it won’t apparently it’ll break the spaghetti code somehow

TL:DR - They have been trying to get it to work, I guess, but haven’t been able to. There is something fundamentally wrong with the Client itself that requires a literal patch/update and not a simple flip of a switch to just make it work.

They likely have a version of it in testing that they’re trying to get to work properly as it should but it’s buggy and/or doesn’t work all the time. It’s better for them NOT to release a version of it that might end up deleting peoples Keys they found/earned than to rush it out and hope that it can be ironed out smoothly enough.

Probably December with the release of WSG

sigh… was looking forward to getting that bag space back… oh well ill deal with it until we get one…

From what I understand phases and patches are not the same. They only had to turn things on for this phase. Key rings will come with the next change that needs a patch

We will get it within the next 6 weeks.