Will Cloaks Still Drop in 8.3? Salt Inc?

No I was wondering if these upcoming ones will be unlocked for transmog from the start. I didn’t know the Pandaria cloaks were moggable (I skipped MoP) so that probably answers my question.

I know, but the Legiondaries didn’t have unique appearances.

I just want the effect to be a separate transmog option, like an enchant for cloaks. All my cloaks are transmogged to Hidden because I cannot stand the appearances.

Personally, I would just create a file to exclude the non-azerite gear that drops for those slots, so you can just readd it when it’s relevant. Sure it makes about 2 minutes of extra work, but it would improve the content so much more.

If I recall, a while ago, there were no cloaks in the new raid…

Wasn’t the anniversary event also doable below 110?

Azerite wouldn’t work then.

Just wanted to reinforce what he said.

Existing cloaks will still drop (like quests, Eternal Palace, catch-up systems, etc.), but there are no cloaks from Ny’alotha, and the weekly chests (M+ and PvP) were adjusted so they don’t drop cloaks either.


Thank you for this.


100% valuable communication. Thanks.


Does “Weekly Chests” include end of run M+ and end of game PVP rewards?


I am absolutely, without a doubt surprised.

There were a few PTR tests mentioned above where people opened up 100s of caches with no cloaks and the raid has no cloaks. Normally I’d agree with you and be surprised, but it seems like we skated by this time.

Ultimately the question is why wasn’t the system updated early ahead of Shadowlands since Titanforging was essentially removed? Raid gear, in many situations for many classes/specs, do not drop BiS stat’d gear or even second best stat’d gear. With no Titanforging we’re no longer able to use M+ as a semi-reliable(let’s be honest Titanforging wasn’t great either but at least it was a suitable way to fix raid gear problems) way to alleviate needing certain stats for breakpoints. So now we’re left praying for our weekly chest to drop us exactly what we need, some people will get lucky, most people will not and will end up several weeks in a row getting the same slot of armor over and over every week.

The instanced lfr raid bosses no, the old vanilla bosses, yes.

But why do that, I want the mog from said bosses. The legacy gear works that way because it is the simplest solution to make it be expansion-agnostic. It’s why they didn’t add legion legendary chances to timewalking bosses even though said bosses dropped gear usable for low geared characters in legion.

I believe a small % of Legiondaries did have “unique” appearances.

That is what the corrupted stat is for. However unlike Titanforging, it is a risk / reward system and not a straight up “You won the lottery, have fun!”

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The corruption stat does nothing to alleviate the issue as nearly no class goes for the % increases to secondary corruption affixes. Not to mention getting an ever increasing deterrent to equip multiple pieces of Corruption gear.

I’ll just throw a couple examples your way. There isn’t a single Cloth piece in Ny’alotha with Haste/Vers, which is the optimal priority for Fire Mage. There’s also only 1 Cloth piece with High Haste/Low other which effects almost every cloth user in a negative way. These are not the only situations either.

Corruption does not solve terrible itemization, it just makes you further hate the RNG that the game throws at you especially when you’ll probably end up with Leech % Corruption BS.

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Im pretty sure any alt that’s gonna be involved in 8.3 content will get the legendary cloak.

This is great (really! :grinning:), but what about M+ bonus rolls and the dungeon end loot chest? Getting a cloak from either of these sources is going to feel awful. Any transmog argument seems irrelevant as you could still get that from normal or heroic. What reason is there to leave them in the m+ loot pool at all, or have I misunderstood something and they have been removed from there as well?

The mogs are there all year long in the actual raids and dungeons, I can’t get behind using the timewalking event as a means to farm them, since you are not only not guaranteed loot, but even if you do get some, it’s only one item.