Will Cloaks Still Drop in 8.3? Salt Inc?

Was reading the Content Update Notes and although there was tons of talk about our new legendary cloaks, there was no mention of if we would still get cloaks or not from our weekly chests, pvp, etc. I can imagine the annoyance and frustration of someone to get a cloak at the end of the week when they have a legendary cloak that would always be better.

Anyone have any links/ sources confirming or denying? Would appreciate it.



I mean, not everyone is going to bother with the legendary cloak, especially on alts.


Good point.

I fully expect to get nothing but cloaks on all my characters from my weekly disappointment boxes.


It’s obviously confirmation bias but:

I was getting weapon drops in TW for all of Legion
I get way too many necklace drops in TW for all of BFA


I’m pretty sure the Legendary Cloak will be mandatory for raiding and possibly the M+ affix, but please correct me if I’m wrong. Believe it was part of the storyline for 8.3 so everyone eventually gets it. Upgrading it though may be the difference, but now that I think about it, you may be forced to upgrade it if you want to use some of the corruptions on the gear.

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It is very much mandatory.

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Not everyone will upgrade the Legendary cloak. Everyone should get it. They should make it like the HoA so that it’s at least one more thing removed off the loot table.


Cloaks are gone from the weekly cache come 8.3.

Timewalking never gets changed because it just doesn’t. I doubt they’d just remove all the cloaks from static drops in the game due to appearances, but at the very least no cloak from cache.


Look at Onyxia cloak and the MoP cloak. So probably will be required

From my understanding, existing cloaks will still drop (ie, you can get them from questing, Eternal Palace, catch-up systems and the like), but there are no cloaks from the new raid, and the weekly chest was supposedly adjusted so it doesn’t drop any cloaks.


People have done tests of the cache and 0 cloaks came from it out of like 100 tries

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Maybe they were cloaked?


Can guarantee they still will.

Gotta remember the keyword here, TPM. (Time played metrics) (example: cloak drops instead of a weapon which would’ve been a HUGE upgrade for you)

They don’t.

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You tested that on ptr or are you just mad at blizz for something and making :poop: up?


Considering that the custom made anniversary event drops non-Azerite helms, shoulders and chest pieces, along with necklaces, I really doubt they took that into consideration.

But maybe they did and were just super lazy with the anniversary event.

Cloaks do not drop from the weekly cache. Whether they still drop from the bosses in the dungeon itself, well, I never tested that one myself so cannot speak to that.

Off-topic but the question just occurred to me: can we assume that the cloaks will be available for transmog since all other legendaries are getting unlocked as such in 8.3?

What is the base cloak? Is it better than benthic gear, or does it start from zero?

Only old legendaries are becoming available for transmog. Legion legendaries have been all along.

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