Water Strider Discussion

I have 50 toons.

I have 1 toon with Exalted Anglers.

Today I can use all 50 toons and water walk on my strider as required.

When the change hits, i will need to purchase 49 tokens for 800 gold each, to enable my water walking. In addition, if I ever use anti-daze, I will need to purchase that and then re-purchase water walking.

I get the ability to not use the water strider for water walking. I have to pay far more than I would like to for a temporary benefit.

If I could use my strider as is, and then pay to make another mount have a permanent water walking ability (say the Dreadwake), then this would be a welcome change.

As it is, it is a change that will help many people, whilst annoying the crap out of anyone that has many toons and has played for years.


Water Strider need keep it water walking it was a perk for getting the mount Its not like Mechanized Lumber Extractor is losing its Herbing use… so why water walking mount? all this rehash old stuff that dosen’t need rehashed.


I have 100 toons, and I’m betting the equipment made this expansion won’t work for next expansion.

We cannot trust Blizzard’s motives when we know they value token sales more than subs - going by what a green said in a post earlier today. The expense of buying and swapping over this equipment is obviously aimed at further increasing token sales, as more players need more gold.

If the desire was to give more choices other mounts could have been produced with water-walking, the recent boat for example. A lot of players were puzzled as to why that boat did not float, and now we know.


And now we will waste gold on These water walking shoes, anti daze and parachute items that will have to be changed for each condition. So instead of using 1 potion or just the strider to go from anti daze to water walking and back to anti daze, it will cost us 3 of these items, just to use a different mount.

It was already stated on wowhead that blizzard expects these to be 1000g, even if it just 10 gold each that still costs us gold every time we switch for something we have free now. and yes you can get free walking walking potions form the shatt fishing daily, or at least you could

And getting stuck in the middle of water and having to use a specific mount to run to the shore or running across a large body of water is not that bad, Have to use 1 mount for 30 sec and then be free to use any mount what so ever is not using the water strider for every thing.


I would be pretty interested if you had any way of determining how many players are joining WoW as a result of the changes this year VS. the number of players not playing any more.

If you did things like:

  1. Add a new portal room without touching the others;

  2. Add a new mount system and leave the Sky-golem and Water strider (etc) alone;

  3. Increase the overall limit to 50 + number of Allied Races as Allied Races are introduced;

If you always look to improve the game, without any downsides, or as you tend to call them “interesting choices”, then you may find that there wouldn’t be any backlash. People often do tend to complain about just about everything, but that is the nature of paying for a service and wanting the best service without paying any more.

The changes you have made this year all appear to give with one hand and take with the other. And my view is that the subs are suffering as a result. Are they?


*No idea who or what I’m replying to, due to this god awful forum update

That said, making every mount able to walk on water has to be one the dumbest things Blizzard has ever done.

I’ve heard of the water strider “problem” before, and I didn’t understand it then, and I still don’t understand it now. I can’t believe for the life of me, that players would be so dumb to ONLY use a water strider, even if they don’t like it. Or that they feel forced to use a water strider.

There isn’t a problem here that needs a solution. You come to water > use strider. Back on dry land? Use the mount of your choice. It’s what I have been doing since MoP. Am I missing something here?


Would it be possible to have the water strider be like the sky golem. It can have innate water walking but is not effected by mount equipment?


Uh, how about responding to the people asking why the water strider isn’t being treated like the Sky Golem instead of just promoting a post that already agrees with you?


Flying for one thing. Why not have that gated behind buying an equipment item? I mean they could get rid of needing to do achievements and just have it so you have to stock up on flying passes from the flightmaster to fly on your mounts (on all your toons).

the CM speaks of classes being more “unique” that touch wast lost after we lost our artifacts or when the insane prunning of classes started to reach to a sad status like BFA classes… a water walking skill doesnt make a class “special” because only that… seems I finally found the reasoning behind why class design has been so bad for BFA.


Look I WORKED for my waterwalking, and I don’t want to have to pay just to get it back. Leave the strider alone like the sky golem. Let people who don’t have WW or don’t like the strider have the choice to put waterwalking on another mount.

This is just another poor design choice that is turning me off the game. Things I work for suddenly have no benift because of arbatray reasons from people who think they know better.

Unless you are going to give me ALL waterwalking equipmenet FOR FREE when I WANT it, this is a bad move because you’re already reducing the ways to earn in game gold. This game dose NOT need more gold sinks.

And I don’t mean just the one time pair of shoes I get for free. I mean EVERY SINGLE TIME I want waterwalking I get the equipment magically in my bag for free on ALL my alts who currently have acess to FREE waterwalking on my striders.


WE have all those option in game now. Now every time i want to switch it will cost me gold, every time, and per alt. New system i will have to repurchase what i already purchased for every alt, and every time i want to change.

How is this better? Taking away what i already earned and making me buy it again for every alt. It’s not better!


Congratulations Blizzard you’ve created another portal problem 2.0. You’re making irrational decisions no one asked for and you just left it the way things are you would make YOUR PLAYERS happy. But I guess what we want is just equivalent of pissing in the wind.


Talking about being irrational. This entire thread is freaking irrational.

Get. Over. It.

I can’t believe people are actually this mad about something about something so… freaking like - I can’t even describe this thread. This is beyond bonkers. You all need therapy and I feel sorry for any game Developer who has to read this thread and respond.

You guys are literally children. You behave like children.


I will check but my personal opinion from my play experience is that the water strider ability is just much stronger than the sky golem herbing. We nerfed the water strider once and if we leave it with the ability there then it’s more in the line of getting everything and less of making a choice for what you want. We want there to be a choice based on your play and interests. If herbing on the run provides too strong of a benefit then there might need to be changes there but currently I don’t think that’s the case.


Ok so you are saying that having the option to make any mount water walk would be great and it would enhance some more classes like DK as you state.

But here is the issue and why so many of us are upset – you are forcing players to choose a new mount equipment item, not giving them the option. That is not fair!

When you introduce items to enhance something in the game, you do so for all players, new and old. You are not touching the Sky Golem, as you have already said it will not be affected by the equipped mount equipment. So you can leave one mount alone, why can’t you leave two mounts alone? Don’t take away the water strider ability and allow for other mounts to be given the option.

For older players who worked through the rep grind for the water strider mount, to see you leave one mount untouched and this one nerfed is a slap to their faces. They spent time and money for the mount that came with this ability. It didn’t say “temporary water walking, until we choose to remove it”. Come on Blizzard you know better than this!

As for cosmetic and aesthetic look about the mount – seriously who cares! There are many mounts in this game that are hideous but this one is practical and we all earned it for its ability. I for one also earned the one from the garrison and I spent hours fishing up the lurkers. Now you are asking me to accept this change you propose without me being upset … sorry but I am upset!

So if you can leave the Sky Golem alone, you can reverse this decision and also leave the water striders alone. If you dont, you will be disappointing and angering your player base, not to mention you will lose long term players who have been patient and understanding of the changes to help new players in the game, but will not tolerate something like this.

This is bad business Blizzard and you know it. Let Activision know this too. Please kindly reverse the decision to make the water strider ability obsolete. You need to classify these mounts like you do the Sky Golem.

Thank you!


Really than how else is their player base suppose to be heard? If we remain silent than we give them the opportunity to simply walk all over us and just let them continue with their ideas. Want to remain a puppet by all means remain quiet or else Move. Along


Dude - out of all the problems with this expansion… this is the fight you wanna pick? Allowing people to use their favorite mount instead of forcing players to use a bug?

Good job. This is the hill you wanted to die on.

This shouldn’t even be a problem.


It is very sad really they are driving players off to ESO or FF. I am leaning toward ESO as it is something new but FF reminds me of Lineage 2 in many ways the systems are designed over there.


A lot of problems with this expansion but this is a problem Blizzard created with their inane idea of altering a mount specifically used for water walking that other classes do not have access to an ability that allows them to water walk Ex Death Knights, shamans.