Sky Golem may get Nerfed too

I said that they would remove or at least somewhat nerf mounts and flight masters next, now that they nerfed or even outright remove/reduce flying and portals.

Can’t believe they actually jinx me…

Enjoy your mounts while you can, guys. And flight masters too, because chances are they’re next to be nerfed or worse, removed!


This would only be changed if mount equipment came out that allowed for mounted gathering, which I doubt.

They said more equipments are coming in a future, so we have that.

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More pruning to throw in a badly thought out system. What could go wrong?

It will get nerfed I have no doubt in that. So will hunter,shaman and DK water walking ability. And it sucks.

Wouldn’t surprise me to be honest. They removed a lot of water walking glyphs from classes already.

Well… I guess it’s good that my only herbilists are druids and I haven’t dedicated too much effort into crafting my Sky Golem because I’d probably just straight up quit the game if they nerfed something I spent 30 days of time gated crafting BS on to make, or bought off the AH for I don’t want to know how much, if I wanted it specifically for that ability.

Yeah, but it doesn’t make sense that a bike, or other mount could gather.
Sky Golem’s can because they have arms, and Druids can because they are the mount.

Does it make sense flying mounts will be able to water walk with equipment but can’t flying until patchfinder is finished?

Welcome to the strange world that the current devs have created.

No, this is the full quote you conveniently left out:


Here’s a question…

Hivemind: passengers can herb in it. Will it benefit from mount equipment?

Don’t you just love it when they add a new system to justify removing a ton of stuff we happen to like?


How to crash your game with no survivors, this is how.


And that’s where we are at now. Careful not to have too much fun. If too many players catch on Blizz shuts it down. I’m still waiting on the Nerf to DH as well. Just a matter of time.

Only attuned passengers can ride in it.

Doesn’t change the fact they are considering it. Still bad if they are even considering it a possibility.

The only way they will remove it, is if they add a mount glyph for it instead (which are going to be account wide anyway). I’d love that to be honest because I hate the damn goblin shredder, it’s the most annoying flying animation. I’d much more prefer to herb on a dragon or the lightfoged mech instead.

I wished they would just leave our mounts alone.


Players: Hey, can you fix gear?

Players: Hey, can you fix the classes?

Players: Hey, can you restore some of the stuff you took?

Players: You know, I’m starting to get attached to my water stri-
Blizzard: Nonchalantly fires flamethrower at your water strider


I personally hope they do.
Not out of spite or malice, but that it will turn off more players.
Maybe more loss of money and time played will wake someone up long enough to realize that there are some poor decisions making it to the live realms these days.