Water Strider Discussion

The problem is, blizzard is not doing this to make you, or anyone else (other than shareholders,) happy. They are doing this to increase the gold people spend, in order to increase token sales. Making gems reusable defeats the purpose.


I can see it now…

Patch 9.0: The Half Flooded Treacherous Caverns of Eternal Darkness

Dense mobs of trash everywhere, dangerous precipeses and ravines to fall off of, lakes and rivers everywhere…

You’ll really want all of the other mount equipment … flying-stirrups, floaty-shoes, nodaze-reigns, saddle-chute…

But you’ll still have one slot, and you’ll absolutely HAVE TO HAVE “Bridle Headlights” equipped or you’ll be totally blind while mounted.


  • Floating Mage City - without portals. wth?
  • Water Strider - won’t water stride.
  • World of War_craft_ - don’t get me started on ‘crafting’. Don’t.
  • Unlock flying over and over - no reason, just you know, because.
  • “A turtle made it to the water” - a ‘dracula class’ fun-sucking vampire, do it twice daily! You know you gotta!
  • Dazor’alor - pay to fly to the bank, fly back to the docks, fly back to the chest, fly back to the island table, fly back to the portals, fly back to the ship… OMG, who’s idea was this mess?!

Whoever was acting as the voice of reason, the sounding board, the killer of bad ideas… clearly left Blizzard. They need them back.


I think the spider mount is creepy. I guess it should get removed because it creeps me out.

I was wondering the same thing. Why bother. :frowning:

Does it matter? You are still paying for something that you have already earned. Not to mention the fact that any time you need a new pair, you have to travel all the way back to MOP to get them.

I’m still sad about that :frowning:


Why are you quoting me? Lol. Did you miss my pitch-fork? Charging 1K gold is crazy-town. I didn’t know it was going to cost 1K gold for the gem.

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I don’t think 1 k is asking much.

That’s small time, should have been more.

When i made the ingame suggestion to have mounts be upgraded with things, i suggested it to be items we could create through tradeskills.

When they made this however, i was surprised.

I think the water strider is an ugly mount and too many people are forced with that skin for the utility. Time for some new mounts that can water walk, and is another thing we gain.

i don’t like the mount equipment. we already have a method of adding extra ability’s. there already exists stirrups which let you gather without dismounting or the saddle blanket which keeps you from getting dazed. You could have just kept that style of expansion and added the inflatable water shoes or the mount parachute. leaving the base mount abilities alone If you want us to use other water walking mounts instead of the water bug ,then just add more water walking mounts. #dont_change_my_mounts_base_abilities!


If 1,000 gold per equipment is such a paltry fee, feel free to mail me the 100,000 gold that will add up to for my alts.


I totally agree with Kasim, (now).

I already spent my TIME (which is WAY more valuable than gold) grinding those boring Nat Pangle quests to get my anglers rep up… so I could stride on water.

If the cost is anywhere near 1K I would be very disappointed. The last time I was disappointed with WoW I unsubbed for 2 years… so yeah.


Your post that I replied to initially came across as very anti flying since it seemed you want to make flying even more inconvenient than it already is.

Also, not sure who the “you snowflakes” are in your quote above, but it sure isn’t me. I want the strider to stay as is. You’re directing your hostility at the wrong target.

Is the new choice waterwalking on all mounts vs waterwalking on zero mounts? Seems like a loss to me. Why can’t they let the strider be unique? I honestly prefer to not be dazed but if i want to switch to ONE mount to cross water, I should be.


It was pointed out earlier that it seems like Ion was saying ‘around 1k’ was what he expected the crafted versions to sell for… the implication is that the rep-boots would be at a steep discount from that. So, who knows… 29g to 517g or some other weirdly specific amount.

At the end of the day, though, the specific price isn’t the issue. It’s the design philosophy that removes permanent traits and allows us to earn or buy them back that’s the problem. It was the problem when they pruned classes to the bone in order to put our abilities on artifact weapons instead, and then removed those abilities to let us re-earn them on azerite armor. It was the problem when flying became something we endlessly re-earn via pathfinder. It was the problem when races became something we earn rather than a core element of the game.

This is just the latest step in a design philosophy that says “today’s much loved feature is tomorrow’s carrot”.


The cost is not even the worst problem.

Once Blizzard removes the innate functionality of the strider by introducing this system, they are free to introduce any changes they wish.

They could make the equipment cost more next expansion, they could make rival equipment vital next expansion so you had to either do without water walking or continually buy and carry in your backs substitutes to change between. They could remove the equipment system altogether.

If Ion genuinely didn’t want so many striders around we could have been given options, such as boats that float, or a more usable version of the surf board currently available for Island Expedition currency. Perhaps a special made-in-Dalaran hover-board for mages. :wink:

It really wouldn’t kill Blizzard to add things we like without removing things we depend on.

Thanks, btw, for the hat complement. Equipping this hat was the sole purpose of this toon. I noticed on Undermine Journal it was on the Hyjal AH for 50 gold, so quickly made a new toon there, boosted him - still had an unused boost on each account, not keen on paying to avoid playing a game I’m paying for - and did dailies and pet battles to raise the gold.

However I grow fond of my toons, so I couldn’t stop at leveling him to 120, - been questing for gear and gathering skills and he’s now well able to take on Azeroth. :wink:


Do we all get to pick a mount we think is ugly and get it removed? And how are you forced to use the water strider, there are still water walking potions in the game, any mount can walk on water.


Um, no, I didn’t. I enjoy fishing. I didn’t do it for the mount (though I was happy to get one). Now, just because Blizz decided to take away the water walking, I’m going to go back to WoD and fish my heart out. I’ll enjoy myself tremendously. I won’t be playing BfA while I’m doing it. And I’ll get a “worthless” strider just because I can.


That’s one of the goals here. There are a lot of mounts out there and it’s strange to have a “wrong choice” when out running around. You’ll easily be able to keep the ability just as you have it now but there will be other options that you (the player) can make if you prefer something else. How you about the world, where you often go, and how fast you like to escape from things could all contribute to what works best for your playstyle.

There are a few extra notes so like Death Knights can do waterwalking via Path of Frost (and Shaman with Water Walking). That should help empower these classes a bit and help make them feel a bit more unique.

I’m not sure what the price of the waterwalking shoes will be offhand, but it should be pretty affordable on the Anglers vendor. We’ll have the PTR up soon™ and look forward to hearing your feedback on that.


I guess my primary question is: Why not make the Water Strider work like the Sky Golem? Where it just has waterwalking, but won’t benefit from other mount equipment. This opens up the option to use the waterwalking equipment if you don’t want to use the strider, it keeps the strider as a reward for people who actually did those dreaded grinds to obtain them(lets be honest both of them were awful to do), and it allows you to use other equipment if you want to without feeling like you’re making a bad choice.


While water walking potions are in the game, it was a cost many were willing to pay. However, introduction of the strider made it so we could do it for free. So those that had the mount would rather use it instead of buying the pots. Then onto the part of feeling forced to use the mount is the fact of not wanting to spend the gold on the potions, or going back and fourth between questing and AH to make sure they have enough of them.

Back onto main topic. I will say, I kind of like the idea behind mount equipment for the fact I can now use any mount I want with a single pittance purchase. Especially when I usually did anyway, until I was stuck mid-lake in which I used the thing.
Plus, as being the case, this will not make mounts non-unique as their uniqueness was because of appearance only barring a few with special abilities.

But…there never was a “wrong choice.” There have been water walking potions in the game practically forever. And you get free ones just for doing the city fishing dailies.

I honestly, truly don’t understand the need to remove the strider’s ability just so other mounts can also walk on water if player’s prefer. It makes so little sense that I don’t blame players for coming up with conspiracy-theory type explanations for this move. It’s hard not to imagine we’ll next have to buy an item to let our flying mounts fly.


What are the other goals? Why could they not be achieved without nerfing the water strider’s innate ability?

Why should we be satisfied with having an ability we worked for removed and sold back to us, just because it’s “pretty affordable”? And once you’ve decided this is an acceptable thing to do, what else can we look forward to losing and repurchasing for a “pretty affordable” price?