So People Want The Water Strider To Be Restricted?

wait where did you get the per account thing?, if this is the cast than you get free account wide waterwalking, unless i misread?

Yes they would. It’s the WoW forums. Of course there will thousands of posts. Blizzard could remove a wild squirrel from the game and people would post about it all day.


this is true and im glad they arent totally removing WW

typo…meant per character

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These forums will complain about literally anything. It should honestly be a sport at this point.


What has that squirrel ever done to Blizzard?!?!


I dont think it is simply the loss of the water strider, it is the idea that we were given something very few probably cared about. When you are given a new system, and one that wasnt particularly asked for and for that new system to work you need to lose what you already had…well it has mixed reactions.

Some people will like this new system others wont, but the point is at face value it isnt a cool enough feature yet, to justify loss. They can prove people wrong if the system is awesome but if its not it is just an annoying system.

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The 8.2 reveal was a breath of fresh air and full of solid, good changes and content.

People however, have already made up their mind that they hate Blizzard or they have some other vendetta against them for whatever reason.

This water strider complaint is simply something people are using to give them an excuse to hate or complain. I can’t imagine crying over something so miniscule and so irrelevant. Some of these players are out of touch. Simple as that. Hopefully Blizzard ignores em.


Kinda depends on what the cost will end up being. Rumors aside I’m waiting to see what they actually are

Oh, another person claiming no one cares about this. You’re a funny little man. :slight_smile:


Ofc currently water strider is still on the spotlight.

Jeez you’re so naive.

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And what would be so wrong with that? Taking away the water walking actually removes something from you, and you have to choose that all of your mounts have water walking, or they have anti daze you won’t get both. It’s not more choices, it’s less.


Probably, but at least you would have some agency in deciding how you want to play. Now there is no real choice, it is just cosmetic.


i kinda want them to do mandatory surveys that prevent you from playing games every few months. like 1 question and you cant close it just to 1. get player feedback in a more cohesive faction (cause this whole forum this is trash) 2. to piss players off

How is this in any way less choices? You had water walking, you still have water walking. You just now have the choice to change water walking to something else.


how is it less? there is only like what? 6 mounts in the game with special abilities?

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What this is really about, but what people have a hard time articulating, is that people dislike that rather than offering a pure upgrade to practical mount usage, Blizzard instead has offered a choice to switch out an upgrade people already had for a different upgrade.

In other words, the ability to not be dazed is a pretty significant benefit. So is the ability to water walk. People will find themselves selecting the upgrade to not be dazed, and will occasionally then have to deal with bodies of water that take a lot longer to cross or go around. Or they can keep water walking, but feel an extra level of annoyance every time they get dazed, due to the knowledge that they could have chosen the option to not be dazed. Whereas before, they were used to dazing as simply a part of the world, now they will experience it as something they didn’t HAVE to experience, but are experiencing due to making the “wrong” choice.

What the people who want the water strider to keep its ability are really after is for Blizzard to let them get the anti-dazing equipment for every other mount, while keeping the ability to cross bodies of water quickly when needed. Anything else to them will feel like a side-grade, where whatever they choose comes with a penalty.

TLDR - the bottom line is that the complaints are coming from a psychological place where they foresee themselves often experiencing the feeling of having made the “wrong” choice. That will happen no matter what, because people who choose to water walk will get dazed, and people who choose to keep the anti-dazing will occasionally deal with annoying bodies of water. And there are a lot of people who hate choices that feel like penalties rather than bonuses.

(Admittedly, the calculation changes when a character is able to fly in a zone - people are mostly approaching this thinking of pre-flying mount usage and alt leveling usage).


“Guys having a mount that walk on water is exactly the same as having one that doesnt but you get 1 gem to make it does, see, exactly the same” :crazy_face:


Ultimately, it comes down to philosophy.

If you want every mount to be 100% cosmetic and be able to choose a mount only due to its attractiveness, then you should want EVERY ability from EVERY mount in the game removed including faster herb, vendors, and all the other things that currently just come with the mount.

Instead, you could still have that system, but have a few mounts that instead come with their own unique abilities. Like for those classes unable to turn invisible, they can still obtain the consumable that does that effect.

People aren’t requesting anything radical and frankly, something fairly simple.