Mount equipment and my take

You mean this one?

Also, if any blue like to clarify to me on where i missed on the PTR notes for 8.2, on where it describes that “the socket button is for all mounts on that character” that would be appreciated.

Edit i have just a few minutes ago, noticed the last part of the quote, follow downwards to my other post where i replied to that bit i overlooked.

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I sure hope they do better on the other 2 equipment slots than the water walking. On PTR, the ww disappears upon taking simple short fall damage. Will the parachute disappear if you hit a tree and continue to fall to your death? Will the stun resistant mount lose its resistance after a certain amount of hits?

So far it’s very disappointing with the ww part. The ww should not disappear at all or at least not unless hit by mobs, but CERTAINLY NOT if taking fall damage.


Just get on PTR. It is definitely for every mount in your collection. It’s a simple one slot at the bottom of the mount collection page.

This is exactly how the water strider works right now. Any damage taken disables the water walking.

Only mob damage. Not falling damage. My water strider jumps and I take damage quite often and the ww ability is still there.


There’s a blue post that specifically says this is exactly what they don’t want; they don’t want players to have access to more than one mount function on a single character.


He straight up says they want us to have to choose one ability, not have access to multiple. :frowning:

I agree it would be so awesome to actually be able to customize our mount functions, but, sadly, that’s not the way this was designed or presented from the start.


Falling damage doesn’t

Mine must be busted then, fall damage makes me fall into the water all the time :tipping_hand_man:

race base combat mount and requirement for exalt for races to get new one. for example I have be exalted with night elf to get there night sabers. also work make basic raise the mount. also make so different mount basic on which class has different abilitys. for example paladin night saber may be bless by elune to help him or her in battle while hunter nightsaber may fight like pet in battle becide the hunter. a rogues nightsaber can sleath.

Blizzard is the new ministry of truth
Less options = more choices


we knew this, it was said during the q&a

Might’ve missed that one, how long their usually are and how reliable are they exactly?

I always have parachutes… anyone should. Basically unless you are Stevie Wonder, the amount of daze/knockoff is minimal… so that one doesnt really interest me. Oh look… water… Ill run over it instead of around it. Water walking without having to change out my Dark Iron Ram for the stupid bug! … I win!

I don’t watch the actual Q&As, but I usually check wowhead shortly after to get the cliff notes version. This is where I first saw info about the mount equipment and water strider changes about a week ago:

There have been several follow up articles:

Not PTR notes, but the bolded part of what was quoted to you is where it was said.

Well i did check out all 3 of them… Then atfer that, i reread the last part of the previous quote i qutoed few posts ago again.

with the benefit of making all of that character’s mounts walk on water.

Which suggests it’s a deliberate decision to make it an “One for all socket” (and that i did misread something admittedly). Which, while i’m glad it’s cleared up even more and i’m glad that i’m better educated to make a better opinion, my problem is still the results.

Truth be told, while i did misread that, and didn’t take the time to absorb it the first time and i apologize, i still want Blizzard to improve on the mount equipment and make it individually socket-able per mount (or according to Sincubus


…rather then this one for all, all for one character sort of thing before live, but according to their track record, it might not be possible, hence why it’s just disappointing to me. :neutral_face:

How does this stuff work anyway?

Do you need a piece of equipment for each mount? Is there only one slot for all mounts so you can’t have different pieces of equipment on different mounts? Does each character have to have their own equipment?

Which just further tells me its not actually a system for us and having more choices, its about them and limiting down the choices. Mark my words they will remove potions and barding soon enough. They have tried before.


It’s one slot per character. The slot is unlocked at level 100 and then all characters 20 or higher will get it. The item you put in the slot is a BoA consumable that will apply to all mounts for the character that uses it. The items that have been revealed so far are water walking, anti daze, and increased mount speed. Each character 20 or higher can have one of those effects on all mounts.

Its a one for all type of setup. Your mount page has a single space for an equipment that apply whenever you summon a mount.

I would prefer one equipment per mount.