Why the new mount equipment system feels so underwhelming

Oh Oh now you done it. You mentioned the raft and next blizz will nerf the raft by giving it holes and it will only stay afloat 5 minutes with an hour cooldown while you fix the holes. They take the water strider then people can just hop on the raft and do the same thing but just have to push on the space bar to make it go fast.


All this.

We’re trading purpose and immersion for convenience.

They just keep making this choice again and again. I really get the feeling that folks like me who love the rpg feel (that wow is continuously losing as a result of these conveniences) are just a vocal minority. If we were the majority, devs would have to take a different route due to sub loss/ less time played of folks like us. That makes me think the majority of subs are folks here for the hack and slash action mmo filled with convenience over purpose/immersion this is slowly becoming.

The other thing could be the devs don’t care, though this seems less likely since they have to please investors (and therefore enough players… quiet majority that prefer convenience) to keep their jobs.

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Makes sense. I am beginning to think what the long terms players miss about the game is the freedom to make decisions that have an impact on character progression and personal play-style. Classic was when this was best realized. Well the freedom and when their was a server community.


SO much this!! 100% this is what I miss most about the game.


Is this true? Can you link it? I would like to see. This makes me not happy.

Here’s the link:



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"Excuse me? Jumping off a little hill at the edge of the water causes falling damage. Jumping off a bridge onto the water causes falling damage. If you jump from a high enough distance it will kill you.

I guess your fixation on keeping people from using a mount you consider so “ugly” its existence offends you took over your senses."

LMAO Golinoffyre, you are really on a roll here. I can jump off the top of Icecrown Citadel itself into water and not suffer any falling damage. Or could, if it had a body of water next to it. Which it does not. I’m not trying to keep people from using a mount. I’m trying to explain that this one mount is not the go-to for every situation ever. Which it evidently is for you. Sorry about your fixation.

Edit: IT has to be deep enough water. Not a little puddle you can’t fish in.

This is 100% spot on. The change isn’t creating choice, it’s limiting choice–and that’s deliberate. Blizzard considers “choice” something that needs to be controlled, not practiced freely. Otherwise, it isn’t “meaningful”.


wrong. one per character so whatever you choose will be on every mount for that character.

I earned both striders when it was current content. I’m royally p issed that you are taking something I earned. Why would I want to do after anything when blizz swoops in and rips it away.

plus why do I have to buy something that I already had.


You realize that next expansion blizz will decide those mount enhancements will be expansion specific and you’ll have some long a$$ bs to do to get the equipment to work.


Wrong. If you hit a body of water where your character would be swimming, it does not damage you. I have dropped from “the ceiling” in areas and plopped into the water with no harm.

First, they came for our talents…
then they came for our mounts.


We want to add more permanent progression.
Also, here, let’s replace the permanent ability on your mount with some nice, temporary equipment.


Yep like keeping flight gone until they feel the need to release a flight “gem” to make the mounts fly. Only obtainable after doing an arms length of requirements. Yep that’s what we need is more time gating.

Tanks on mounts don’t get dazed as it is now. DKs and Shamans have WW as Class spells. Engineers make the glider kits. None of this stuff is needed.

If you want to make mounts unique make the slot abilities something like saddle bags for inventory space. Allow the mount to have specific bags space for herbs or ore. Actually put those old bags to use. All they would need to do for that is convert the bag to a mount slot item and give it X amount of space for Y only items.


I thought landing feet first on a mount would kill you. If you angle the mount towards the water (face first) or dismount before landing it would not kill you. Been a while since I mounted a ground mount and jumped off a cliff with out shifting to flight form.

They can make what ever changes they need. I trust blizzard in the long run on there decisions, been play this game since release and will
Keep playing it as long as servers exist.

Its a game I dont expect blizzard to bend to my will or make changes on how I feel, I understand they cant make everyone happy and everyone wont be happy but I don’t care. I may be on the unhappy side one day but Ill still play and enjoy the game cause this game is more then one or two small changes.

Right now on live, I can be riding my strider, jump and take even 50% damage and then run across a lake on my strider and he doesn’t sink. On PTR, I can jump off the top of the ship in Zuldazar and the mount with ww sinks into the water as the ww broke as soon as the fall caused damage.


This ^

I tried this too. Even one foot drop breaks water walking. This is ridiculous.


But probably won’t.

Even on my non DK characters, unless the zone is basically “water world”, the 20 percent mount speed one will always be a better choice than water walking.

It isn’t like you’ll just be switching back and forth, on the fly. So you’ll use the one that offers the most utility. I see a lot of people going with 20 percent mount speed, by default.

That I’m taking?