Water Strider Discussion

Out of all the problems with this expansion, THIS is what the dev team prioritized to work on?

Your ire is focused at the wrong target. You should be calling out the devs for creating new systems to “fix” what isn’t broken when their focus should be on fixing the actual problems with the game.


So only one problem at a time? You may be right, for Blizzard is a small indie company, unable to properly compete in today’s hectic MMO market.
/sarc off
It IS a problem and, once again, Blizzard is the one who has made it so.
now calm down and have some tea.
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I really don’t get the deal here. So what if it’s a much used mount. It took time and effort to get it and this expansion makes good use of it. It’s only right that the people who have it would use it as often as they want. I’m sure you use whatever mount you want and nobody complains. What others do shouldn’t affect anyone else.


Speechless, shame on you and shame on blizzard never listening to their community.

No wonder why we are bleeding subs.


So where you this upset when people could cheese the reputation with time walking tokens? Cause the Water Strider really isnt prestigious or hard to get any more.

In addition I believe you’ve been misinformed about some things.

1.) You’ll receive a free pair of the equipment that has the water walking benefit in the mail, if you owned a water walking mount. Come 8.2 you log in and bam.

2.) The reason it’s being taken away from Water Strider is to make a system (mounts) about which mount you enjoy the most using, as opposed to the “Best” or “Correct” mount. If the water strider retained the Waterwalking effect AND gained an equipment slot, we haven’t solved any problems. We’ve just made the “correct” mount choice better.

3.) If you have qualms about the sky golem, speak yo about it. Theres no reason a gathering type equipment slot couldn’t be created and bought in line with other mounts.

Why not just leave the strider with water walking and then have the inflatable boots as well? You don’t want to waste gold on water walking then use the strider, want to use another mount then use the boots.

It’s not like this point won’t become relatively moot once we get flying.


I think it will be and it will cost us thousands for gold every new expansion to repurchase it. And if we want to fly in BFA, thousands of gold, want to Fly in legion, Thousands of gold. wan to fly on BFA again thousands more.


You guys seem to be trying really hard to remove any amount of flavor and unique character that this game has?


This would be solved if they just left the water strider with its unique ability to water walk and not have an equipment slot. Same fate as the sky golem has.


That is too much logic for Blizz to understand.


I swear this people at blizzard go to bed every night thinking what else they can nerf.


I call bull****. I went to the trouble of farming BOTH waterstriders just to make leveling alts easier and now they are taking away the striders innate ability. AND gating mount equipment behind character level? Its a money grab AND a screw you to everyone who took the time to farm them.


I will join you in your tea. But I still think this is stupid.


They think they do it for the health of the game. More like making their job easier so they have extra time to spend on twitter.


You heard plenty of it but respond to the one snippet that agreed with you.

I already had my choices. I chose to use the Water Strider, even got both of them to use both of them FOR THE WATER WALKING. Now you are taking it away then charging me to have it back. I dont want to walk on all my mounts, I want my water strider to continue to work as it should. But I dont get that choice anymore like I used to.

I earned the ability to walk on water through time and rep, now its being taken from me so you can suck more gold from the game.


To be honest it feels like a half-baked version of GW2 mounts


First and foremost, you are NOT a Blizzard rep.
Second, and as has been said before, WE THE PLAYERS decide what we like, NOT Blizzard!
Remember ‘Open world’?
and ‘choice’ is NOT something you sarcastically say, when said choices are deliberately narrowed down.
Now go back to your masters and tell them they are WRONG.
NO hair flip for shills!


I don’t have a choice. You are forcing me to re-buy whatever the shoes cost for all my alts to get back functionality I already had. I won’t ever be able to choose a different mount equipment. Set it, forget it, and pray I never roll a new alt.

It’s not less insane than the people who claim they have no choice but to use the water strider, even in land locked zones. People like that are killing innovation and creativity in this game. We can’t have any cool features like the Hivemind or it becomes “mandatory”. Racials, hunter pets, everything has to be watered down and made the same otherwise some disturbed individuals will fixate and be unable to choose anything else for themselves.


See, this is the point: Being an MMO that purports to also be ‘Open World’, there should be many choices. With all the players we(still)have there will be a multitude of problems as well as playstyles.
Who is to say which one is more important?
Btw, insulting people is NOT a good way to get your point across.
Now drink up; I have to start dinner soon.
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-> Takes away one mount ability to give everyone the choice from literally hundreds of mounts in the game to use the one they want to use instead of being narrowed down to one choice.

Do you even read what you type?